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  1. I don't know as there is no date stamp etc on the envelope (just one of those with UK Mail express parcels and mail logos on it.) I assume it would be first class but I was actually away staying with in laws from 3rd to 11th July so I didn't get any of my post until 11th so it could have come at anytime during that week. But if the account was still in dispute at that time surely they are not allowed to serve a DN and as I didn't receive any other correspondance from them until i received the copy of the CCA dated 15th July(which I received on 17th July) then surely this is a breach?:?
  2. OK I think I have got it so I will redo the links in the previous posts but it takes you to the photobucket site but at least you can see them
  3. oh god techy stuff!! I uploaded the images to photobucket and then copied the direct link in the share images box and pasted it into the link button on the reply to post page is this right or can you do it another way???:?
  4. here is the letter from sc&m http://s696.photobucket.com/albums/vv321/funkymonkey79/?action=view&current=ltsbscmletter.jpg So what are my next steps? should I subject access request ltsb so I can work out exactly how much ppi I can claim back along with all the unlawful charges that they made while the account was in dispute? If I can get the PPI back I can then use this to offer them a full & final offer.
  5. Hi All Not been on for a while, computer breakdown, kids on summer holidays etc. but anyway update with LTSB credit card. letter dated 18 may received a generic letter from card operations saying sorry you have had cause to complain a member of the team will carry out an immediate investigation, it may take a while but we will respond to you within 28 days. 8th June receive a letter from collections centre saying that the account is still in arrears and no arrangement has been made to pay it and that I must contact them immediately and give them an explanation of my account conduct to date, so that they can decide on the apppropriate collection & recovery action. at this date I still haven't had a copy of any agreement and the account is in dispute (letter sent to LTSB 12 may, which they signed for on 13 may). Now this is where it gets interesting....... Letter dated 3rd July from collections centre. IMPORTANT - YOU SHOULD READ THIS CAREFULLY DEFAULT NOTICE (served under section 87(1) of the consumer credit act 1974) At this point in time still no CCA so surely they can not issue a default notice if the account is in dispute??? default notice http://s696.photobucket.com/albums/vv321/funkymonkey79/?action=view&current=ltsbdefaultnotice.jpg Then on the 17th July I receive a copy of my CCA, a signed statement and the current T&C's. If someone can have a look at it that would be great. cca page 1 http://s696.photobucket.com/albums/vv321/funkymonkey79/?action=view&current=ccapage1.jpg cca page 2 http://s696.photobucket.com/albums/vv321/funkymonkey79/?action=view&current=ccapage2.jpg now one of the queries I have is that the payment protection box has been ticked and there is no reference to it anywhere in the terms & conditions, I cancelled the PPI in January this year(09) (I know it took me a long time to twig on I was paying for something completely useless) but I am now thinking of claiming this back as at the time the credit card was taken out I was unemployed so I could never have claimed on it anyway. I can remember clearly saying to the girl in the bank who filled in the cc application form that I wasn't in employment, I can not remember having this PPI explained to me either, & if there is no reference to it either in the terms & conditions that they have sent or on the so called cca does it make the cca unenforceable? Any suggestions?? there has been another letter from SC&M but will have to post it up a bit later.
  6. Just a quick update I sent the letter in the above post to put the account in dispute on 12th as their time was up on the 11th also put in the telephone harassment letter (it had been fairly quiet on the phone for a day or two, until today , they have been quite persistent and trying on different numbers all day long, didn't answer them but have logged them) I sent these letters together by special delivery on 12th and it was signed for yesterday so will wait & see what happens now, I will give them 48 hours to respond to the telephone harassment letter and then report them to ofcom etc.:grin: does anyone have a draft letter I could use for OFCOM etc.
  7. Hi Scaniaman thanks, they have made me so mad about this that it makes my blood boil:mad:. I appreciate all the comments/help & advice and the moral support that can be gained from this site to take these greedy ignorant companies on. regards fm79
  8. I am going to draft a letter sometime over the weekend to LTSB ready for next week as they have not come up with a CCA for cc,(time up 11th may) haven't even acknowledged my request and come up with an excuse for not doing so. any suggestions appreciated. probably something along the lines of you are now in default of my request - account in dispute until you a******** come up with something that even resembles a cca then I am not paying you a penny........(ooh they are on the phone again trying with a new number now.) another number to put in my little black book!!!
  9. Yeah. But I am going to keep that one back for now for when they turn nasty, I will then slap in my claim and they will most probably end up paying me.. So I think I will just sit tight on this one for a while.
  10. Thanks yet again Ida. I will leave it for now, no cca=no pay, most of outstanding balance is their charges anyway so morally I feel I have already paid them what I owe. A small victory for now I think but I'll await the dca letters to start because they have already said that they will persue. What a surprise!! and then fire off the frankly I am bemused letter. Thanks again fm79
  11. HI I have received a response from studio today from my previous letter. http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv321/funkymonkey79/studioresponse08-05-2009111615.jpg http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv321/funkymonkey79/studioresposepage208-05-2009111834.jpg any input as to what I do next would be great.
  12. Hi Thanks for your comments but until LTSB give me a true copy of my CCA I will not be doing anything, I did telephone them back at the beginning of April to tell them that I had financial difficulties at the moment and that I could only afford to repay them £50/month temporarily for 6 months and then would review my situation after that. They flatly refused my offer and wouldn't even discuss it unless I could repay at least £80-100/month which I can not. This offer was made after receiving advice from the national debtline, who told me not to make any offer that I could not afford and to stick to that offer, and to request the cca on the account. I have made token payments of £1 out of goodwill until they can produce my CCA that I have legally requested. It is LTSB who are coming very near to being in default and as far as know it is no CCA=No pay . I run a small business myself & know about keeping agreements & paperwork in order but it seems that because you are a big bank you don't have to follow inland revenue and other organisations guidelines and legislation on keeping such paperwork in correct order(more fool them) these companys have told customers whatever they want over the years playing on the fact that the customers don't really know their rights, well now it's time to play them at their own game, I have made them a lot of money over the years and when I need a bit of help they are not even willing to discuss it, so thats it then I just give in to their demands for payments that I can not afford at the present and lie down & take all the abuse from them (I think not) I am not eligible for a big bail out from the government unlike them!! I have considered bankruptcy etc but this would just not be a good option for me or my family. Yes I have used the credit card (so that I can keep a roof over my familys head and food on the table,yes I know that was probably a silly thing to do but when you are desperate....) so I am not burying my head in the sand but I would just say that when the card was taken out way back 2001/2002 I was not working the only money I had going into my account at that time was child benefit,which I did query but they insisted that it was OK and I never asked for them to extend the credit limit to £12,000. so it is really a bit of their own fault for letting me run up the debt. Sorry to rant on but they have really made me so mad:mad::mad: that I am prepared to fight them on this no matter what. regards fm79 I do appreciate all comments/advice no matter what.
  13. Hi All. UPDATE feeling a bit better now as even though I still don't know when LTSB received my letter I do know that they have received it as they have credited my account with the £1 po (even though the cca request said that these funds were not to be used for any other purpose) Muppets!! I am still awaiting for anything resembling CCA but they did send me a form to fill in with all my income & expenses on & to sign to say this is a true account of my financial postition. I will NOT be signing anything until they send me what I have requeseted. I now have my other accounts up & running with a new bank and all benefit payments have now been transferred to the new account, so I no longer have to do a midnight run to a cash machine to get my money out before they do. HA HA. so should I assume they received my letter 2 days after posting or should I start the countdown from when they credited the PO to my account?? to be continued........................
  14. Hi All, quick update. I have received a letter from shop direct financial services this morning they have put both the kays & additions accounts together in the one letter, quite disappointed as to the response really it was just the generic thank you for your letter we are now looking into your complaint, after we have investigated it we will write to you & let you know the outcome. So I guess I will just have to wait & see what they come up with next:)
  15. Your welcome, anytime;) & you don't have to speak to them on the phone, just tell them everything must be in writing and that you are recording the call even if you're not. Then send the telephone harrassment letter which you can find in the library. note times & dates of all calls. if you have caller display and they display their number then everytime that number rings don't answer if you don't have caller display or they withold the number as soon as you know it is them just hang up. luv fm79
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