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  1. Hi All, A quick update: Went to HCE who took it on. I assume they mailed to the defendant, who caved in and responded back to me advising that the full payment is on the way. Thank you all for your support!
  2. Thanks for a quick reply! Yes it is over £600. The claim document states they have 4 weeks to pay before they enter the judgment in to their credit history. Should I wait out for a month, and then got for a high court enforcement order. Just done a quick search on the company house - it seems they have 5 mortgages, 4 of which have charges against them, and one satisfied (Although I am not 100% sure I know what that means) which sounds like they are going down the drain? Dashy
  3. Hi All, Just thought to update you on the case. I have now got a small court judgment in my favour, and hope that they will pay it. In short, after a few email exchanges with them where they confirmed they removed/disposed of the vehicle, I asked them to provide me all the related information – they never did. I have made a request to DVLA to tell me if there were any searches run against my name/vehicle during the period – got a letter advising that nothing was requested/accessed. Sent a letter before action to the company, advising that will be taking them to the small claim court. No response. Took them to small court claims demanding full payment + costs. No response. Court awarded in my favour since they never contested the claim. Waiting for the payment now, but something tells me its not coming. Could anyone advise me on when/how/what should I do after certain period if the they will not pay? Thanks Dashy
  4. Thanks for the pointers. I am trying to find out how can I request the info from the DVLA about any searches, it appears you cant do that? or I am looking at the wrong document. This is the main DVLA document about information requests etc... https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/207533/MIS546.pdf I do not see anything pointing to where/how you can request search stats from them. Ideas?
  5. Thanks. What should I write him/her? Somehow I feel that he/she will not spend much time with the definition of "theft" term within the legal framework. I guess what I need to ask is - where can i find what procedures the company MUST follow when disposing the car which is considered to be dumped on their private car park (private land?) They seem to be ignoring my email request to provide me with the who/when/how was my car disposed of, or any other details related. Is there ANY way I can try and "make" them to reply me, at least... when I have that info I can take it up with the "disposal company" and try my chances... On a bigger picture – all this appears to me that: Once you “make mistake” and leave something on the private land that the landlord considers it to be dumped – they can dispose it without any consequences… AND without providing any details to the owner. Surely there should be SOMETHING they need to do/follow – otherwise what stops me from “disposing” your car when you park it up on my private parking lot? Thanks
  6. Hi, update: (looks like I am now on myown) Insurer wanted Criminal Ref number, I went to police – who did not register it as a crime. So I have no criminal reference number. Police (senior) officer advised that they are treating it as a “honest deprivation of property” rather then “dishonest” – therefore it is a civil matter. Insurer has now closed my claim. My request to provide me with the details of who/how/when disposed my vehicle and if reasonable (what steps) were made by the company to establish the owner were left unanswered. Please advise me what are my options? Thank you,
  7. Hi All, Thank you very much. Spoke to Insurer, and they are now dealing with it as a theft I am told. Will post updates when I have them. Would still be good to see what are the regulations and timeframes for the company (office car park) to follow should they done it properly: a) contact DVNLa to get owner details. b) notify ownder etc. Thank you, dashy
  8. Hi all, Could some one shed some light to this issue I am having. Vehicle broke down, and I end up leaving it at the private car park (offices etc). Was hoping to pick it up next day, and did not report to the car park/offices security etc... (OK my fault here). But 16 days later I came to pick it up and was told that it was "disposed of". No further details or information given. Police and insurance would not deal since it was on private land. Can they even do that? is that lawful action? If so, could anyone point me to some sort of regulation that they need to comply with when they impounded/dispose the vehicles etc? Thank you,
  9. It seems we are one of many hundreds (possibly more) victims of greedy east London landlords who think they can make 2.5K per week on renting out their properties during Olympics. It will be interesting to see if they can actually make these type of money as widely being advertised by local East London estate agents.
  10. Thanks. I think you got me slightly wrong. The section 21 notice already gives us 2 month. So, in two month we will "need" another 2-3 month. I am hoping that it will take 2-3 month until landlord gets his case hearing at the court. In two month after the notice is expired and we are still not moved out, what does landlord do? He will probably apply for the 'possession order' - how long does this process takes? Can I as a tenant 'drag it' using our situation (which is genuine). All we need is time. Thanks.
  11. Thank you for your reply. The notice is properly served and in properly drafted, i have had it checked by the lawyer. Contractually all is in order and all the procedures are followed according to the law. The reason why we need are: 1. We are buying the property about the date that notice served expires, and its going to take 3-6 month to be finalized, so we need a place to stay until contracts exchanged etc. 2. We are expecting a child and the due date is the date (or around it) of the notice expiration too. You can not think of any worst possible timing for our lanlord to kick us out. I am hoping that the judge (hope it will not come to this) will consider the hardship caused by eviction. Thanks.
  12. Hi, Some help needed on the following: Rented out a property on Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for 12 month. Exactly 6 month have passed, we got Section 21 Notice to vacate the property. Never missed a rent. etc. Basically landlord wants his property back for whatever reason. Checked the our AST Contract, and under Special Condition, we do have a "brake close" which allows landlord to terminate the agreement. So contractually all appears to be good. So looks like we dont have any options here apart from move out, but we need another 5-6 month to stay at this property. Now, does anyone know if CCJ is awarded against the tenant when landlord goes to the court to get his Possession Order? Just to note, all the rent payments are up to date and no moneis are owned, or will be owned, as tenants are planing to keep paying rent for these 5-6 month. Thank you. Dashy
  13. Thanks, There are couple of more issues to rectifiy, (each seems to be about 100 pounds) so, yes i would not spend much effort for a 100 quid, at the moments its much more than that, and it might just keep comming, which i would rather have a full list and dealt with it. the ligh bulb change inclueds the `lighting unit fitting` which is just a screw a couple of wires in the socket... I fail to see why it is would cost 100 pounds, and surely a judge would see it as `unreasonable` charge? I have made loads of pics of the property before vocating it just in case. anything on 14 days regulation?
  14. Hi, We have been renting the property for the past 7 years and recently moved out. The Agent have sent a notice of final inspection that they (supposedly) carried out, and claiming a few things on that they needs to be fixed (like a light bolb fixing) which they claim costs 100 pounds. Also, in the same letter they are saying that other issues might be found later - where in fact the letter says its a final... The question i have is as follows: Deposit is NOT under one of the protection scheems, as the tennancy agreement was signed 7 years ago, prior all these regulation were put in place. The original tenancy contract was for 6 month, and was automatically `rolled` for the following years. There was no inventory made or signed at that time. What are my chances of getting our original deposit back? There is nothing stopping landlord to get the light bolbs changes at the price of 700 pounds each? I replied (signed for letter) back saying that i will rectify the concerns they raised, but they could keep comming up with they list? How does 14 Days deposit return regulation apply in this case? Thank you
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