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  1. I've tried to scan the other document they sent along with the above cca but for some reason it keeps cutting the top with the relevant info off it. Anyway, it was just a pile of printed sheets titled 'Credit Card Agreement Regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1074' Then it listed the parties as being me (at my current address not the address I lived at when I signed the agreement) and 'Bank of Scotland plc' (instead of Halifax as shown in the cca above) Despite the fact this is likely to be the current terms and conditions, does that even matter in light of the document in the
  2. Hi there, I posted on another thread but have not had any replies and I'm getting really worried and don't know what to do I CCA'd Lowells in Nov who were chasing me for an Aqua Card debt after I had tried and failed to come to an amicable agreement with Aqua themselves. However it's all a bit confusing, Lowell's claim to be chasing on behalf of their client SAV Credit LTD? The CCA makes no mention of this 'SAV Credit LTD' but refers to Halifax being who the arrangement is with. Then on the general terms and conditions they sent (which incidentally had my new address on, not my o
  3. Bump:) Can anyone help me at all? Although I have signed the agreement, they have not signed or dated their box, although there is a stamp at the bottom of the page saying 'Received- 14 Mar 2007' Does this count as a signiture on their behalf? Also underneath the signature box it states that the above is important information that they are required to give by statute but also that the 'General Credit Card Conditions' form part of this agreement. The ream of paper they sent with the cca appear to be the general terms and conditions but they are not the originals because a) They con
  4. Hi everyone, I opened an account with Aqua in March 2007 over the internet. We went through some financial difficulties about a year ago and I couldn't afford the repayments. I contacted Aqua and explained, sent them my income and outgoings and requested to lower my £45 per month payments to £20 per month. They replied saying the lowest they could accept was £49 per month!! At the same time they requested payslips too, at which point I adopted a "well, screw you!!!" attitude and threw it all in the back of the drawer and never made anymore contact with them. Anyway it was eventually passed t
  5. I have emailed the complaint to OFT, hopefully I will get a response from it, it wasn't the easiest form I've ever filled in!!
  6. Thanks everybody- due to lack of responses from the companies in question i was beginning to wonder if maybe I had over-reacted as I flew completely off the handle! My hubby said my letter was very acidic!! In actual fact I have had an email from RW this afternoon, very apologetic, investigating the matter, suspended all collection visits, will inform me of the results etc etc and oh, how would I like to continue paying in the meantime?!!!!!!!! The cheek of it!!!! I have had a quick look at the OFT website about making a complaint but it says it doesn't deal with individuals? Not sure where
  7. Thanks for the replies!! The small debt was in fact 2 small debts, 1 of about £50 from NPower at an old address and 1 for about £100 ish to Studio Cards. I have written complaints to both NPower and Studio and also to Robinson Way who the agent was collecting for. So far have not received a response from any of them so am not sure what to do now?!
  8. I have been paying off a small debt through a collector for Robinson Way for 6-7 months now without any problems. However last week (well it was 2 weeks ago now), I missed him as I had to pick the kids up from school (he normally calls around 3pm just before I have to leave) usually when this happens he calls back later on the same day, that's fine. But he didn't come back that day, so I assumed I would see him again when he was next due.He actually turned up 3 days later at 7.30pm, and I had nipped to the shops at the time. My 13 year old son was home and answered the door and explained I was
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