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  1. Hi diddydick - wouldn't dream of confirming my address!! Had the bailiffs go round to my ex's for one of them and he has told them that I have left Birmingham - maybe he ain't so bad afterall (lol!!!). But many thanks - will get the letters out - much appreciated.
  2. All of my old "creditors" have reassigned me to different debt collectors - is it time to resend CCA's to the new ones???? At the moment just ignoring??? Help and advice appreciated!
  3. Have received a letter today - dated 25 November basically saying that as I haven't confirmed my last three addresses, as requested, they are unable to comply with my request for a copy of the opening agreement under the Consumer Credit Act. They have, therefore, returned the £1 postal order and ask if I have any further queries, not to hesitate to contact them!!!! Am I right to ignore....???
  4. Thanks for this - will get onto it and let you know how it goes!! Scary stuff!!
  5. Have been reading the Court's guidance and they say that you can only set aside the judgement, even if you didn't receive it, if you don't think you owe the money! Please help - don't know what to do and am still trying to work out how much it will cost me!!!
  6. ye but it has been passed over to CL Finance - should i still send to the original - have CCA's CL Finance and put the account in dispute - then found out about the CCJ!!
  7. Thanks Bazooka Boo - interesting reading!!! Just knew that this one (the big one - £12K) - would come back and bite me on the a**e!!!!
  8. No idea - received no notification - the judgement is lodged at my old address and my ex didn't pass on any of the letters!!
  9. Ye will do - thank you very much for your advice - will get that sent off tomorrow!
  10. Hi - no it was CL Finance and I haven't received anything from them at all.
  11. Thanks for this - I will get onto it straight away. Does it matter that I have CCA'd them and put the account in dispute - after the CCJ was issued?? But I guess in my defence, I didn't know about the judgement!
  12. Hi - thanks for this - to be fair, although I was unaware of the Judgement, I guess I don't really have a valid reason for having it removed!! Unless not receiving the summons is enough - but I hadn't paid anything on it for a while!!
  13. Hi I CCA'd CL Finance (originally a HSBC loan) on 7 September. They failed to respond so I sent them the "in disupute" letter on 21 October. Yesterday, I decided to check my credit report - haven't done it before - but wanted to look out of interest. It seems and I was completely unaware that on 3 August 2009 they - or Registry Trust Ltd - not sure who they are - have put a CCJ on my account for £12K. This is registered at my previous address - my former matrimonal home. For over 12 months, my ex did not forward any letters to me, so I have received no notification of this.
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