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  1. Thank you Ell-enn and Deh, Sorry I haven't been here for while. Well, I went back home to my parents house that day. I guess the safest place is your family house! I've made a appointment to collect the rest of my items next week. I could then put closure to this horrible chapter of my life. My family have own a flat in central London I could stay in. But I don't feel like going back to London. I think this repossession has been a wake up call. I went to the Australian Embassy got a visa and plan to go work and travel over there! I guess the stress of the arrears, phone calls, letters, court dates and hearings and taking its toll. I feel free to explore life again and guess i'll be heading out for a long trip down under. At least the property prices are cheaper!
  2. Hi All, I'm really sorry I haven't been online since Thursday. I was evicted last thursday as the court refused my application to suspend for the second time. I also was refused a stay for 7 days to remove my belongings. The judge wasn't impressed at the hearing. In fact, he looked at my file in detail and saw my level of arrears (£58k) and realised that I missed 47 months mortgage payments. Baffled he looked at the file for about 10 minutes and sterningly asked whether I had any legal training. I had to be honest and disclosed I had did have a legal background in Commercial Law. He said he thought so, because i had managed to keep Abbey out of court on a legal technicality for the past three years. He implied I was abusing / manipulating the process and my application amounted to a de facto appeal against the previous judge and he said that I had 'prejudiced' Abbey by preventing them taking the matter to court much earlier since 2005. Well it's not my fault that Abbey's team of highly paid lawyers couldn't find their way out of a paperbag for the last 4 years! Anyway, the guy sided with Abbey and throw the application out of court. In all honesty, I do feel somewhat relieved that it is all over. The property was worthless as it's in serious negative equity. I realised on the night before the eviction I could rent a much better house in a better area for less the mortgage repayment. I guess everything happens for a reason! I would like wholeheartedly thank Ell for all her help the past couple of weeks. She has been an absolute godsend. I would also like to thank everybody else for their support and kind words.
  3. I have spoken to my relatives. I can possibly pay £250 on the 20th of each month until I start my new job. The next hearing date is tomorrow at 9.45am. The eviction is also tomorrow at 9.45am
  4. i don't know if i did the right thing, but i made the second application to suspend tomorrow's eviction. i increased the contribution to arrears to 350 and said i'll repay the amount by the sale of the property within two years. if all else fails would they give me time to move out? all i need is a couple of weeks to sort myself out, before i get thrown out by the bailiffs
  5. Ell, I just spoke to the court staff again. They said that the judge has stated in the order that he has refused leave to appeal. So they said I can appeal against the refusal of that decison only, if i am successful they said I can go to the high court do appeal against the decision against not suspending the warrant. This will cost £150! Do you think I should make another N244 application for a suspension of the warrant due to a increased payment proposal. I was thinking of offering £350 per month towards the arrears and to clear the remaining arrears within two years by the sale of the property? I have until 3.30pm to submit either form and the battery on my laptop is draining. Things are going from bad to worse
  6. i phoned shelter they told be to go to the council and present myself as homeless. thanks for the message battler
  7. Thanks ell, so much for getting back to me. i'm in court wondering what to do. i'll call shelter now
  8. Hi Ell, I've justy come out of the hearing. THe judge noted everything I said and listened intently to the lenders solicitor. Then he refused my application on the basis that the lender will not be paid until I start my new job on September! I pleaded with him and he kept refusing. I asked if I can appeal, he said yes but he then said he is refusing leave to appeal. Can I make a new application to suspend the eviction tommorow? Can I appeal his original decision? Can I stop the eviction tommorow? Can I ask for more time to leave the property, I wont be able move all my belongings by tommorow 9.30am? I'm so scared
  9. Sorry, I mis typed the date. It was supposed to be 9th not 7th. I'll take the paperwork for the £20k case. Do you know what the procedure is tommorow? I'm pretty nervous. Do you know what the judge will ask me?
  10. I lent £20k to a ex- business partner, before I got into arrears. There was a dispute over the return of the funds, so I have taken him to court
  11. Hi Ell, Just a thought? Do you think I should mention to the court that I am in litigation with a company to recover to recover £20k. This matter has been filed in court a few months ago and the court is setting a trial date? Would this help my case, as I may receive £20k in the next six months?
  12. Hi Ell, I drafted this letter earlier today. What do you think? Uxbridge County Court 501 Uxbridge Road Hayes Middlesex UB4 8HL 6th July 2009 Claim No: XXXXXXX - Claimant:Abbey / Defendant:XXXX To: District Judge Dear Sir / Madam, I had phoned the lender's solicitor at 9.30am on the 6th of July 2009, after a letter I received which urged me to contact them because they had numerous options to stop my home being repossessed. I contacted them and they were very unsympathetic and stated they will only stop the eviction if I paid the full arrears. I explained to them about my new job and new income and asked for them to capitalise the arrears and allow me to make repayments. They said they will not do that unless I make six consecutive payments and then they will capitalise the arrears. I asked them to allow me the opportunity to make those six consecutive payments and they said that they cannot do that as it is too late as they now have an eviction date. I have tried to negotiate and ask for help from the lender for many months. They have always been aggressive, unhelpful and unsympathetic. I have provided them with many options to help me keep my home, but they have always been ignored. Yours truly, XXXXXXX XXXXXX
  13. Hi Ell, I phoned the lender's solicitor just now. They were very unsympathetic and said they wanted the full arrears (£50k) to stop the eviction. I said that their letter mentioned 'other options to stop repossession', they said that did not apply to my account. I explain my new job and new income and asked for them to capitalise the arrears and allow me to make repayments. They said, they will not do that unless I make six consecutive payments and then they will capitalise the arrears. I asked them to allow me to make those six consecutive payments from now on and they said that they cannot do that as it is too late as they now have a eviction date. They were very unhelpful and rude. I feel so disheartened as I thought there was some hope
  14. Hi Ell, Yes I got the letter and gave it with the N244 form along with the budget planner, the statement and the letter sent to Abbey. I asked the Uxbridge county court clerk about legal advisors. They said they do not provide any and I will need to bring my own legal rep if I need them for the hearing
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