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  1. Have started filling in FOS form, a bit unsure how to describe the nature of our complaint ie. Inaccessability of services, rude and dishonest call center staff, failing duty of care to our mental health,etc etc. What should I concentrate on, a sorry means nothing from a big company, I want cash compensation, to put towards clearing our managed loan, which currently is just short of four grand, at 86 quid a month. It has been a nightmare dealing with HSBC managed loans since they stopped dealing with them in the branch. Around christmas we had 2 3 hour phone sessions at the branch tryin
  2. Here is todays complaint e mail! Dear mr Goodall I am very distressed to have to contact you again so soon.. Today 5th may 09 my partner recieved yet another call from HSBC call centre no. 08005875764. They confirmed it was not to apologise for the call yesterday. Being busy at work at the time my partner declined to take security check untill the person calling had checked the facts regarding our managed loan ie it is paid up to date as agreed. Again I must request that you compensate us fairly, and swiftly, for the wasted time and stress, that, as we said before is wi
  3. Update!! 5 may 3;17 Recieved a call from 0800 5875764 asking to speak to my partner. He asked for security checks before he could procede. Partner asked if he had called to apologise regarding managed loan situation, he confirmed this was not the case. He said he had no information on history of acccount/complaint. Partner asked him to go check out all the information before deciding if it was appropriate to call, and that then we would discuss it! This is getting tiresome:mad: Will e mail HSBC complaints again to keep them updated!
  4. Iv asked HSBC what they think about their obligations under this act as part of a managed loan call centre complaint... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/194441-hsbc-call-centre-managed.html#post2105821 no response as yet, but they wont get off the hook easily, im realy pi$$ed off with them:mad:
  5. hi! i have included here a copy of the complete email that i sent to hsbc...i have recieved an acknowledgement by post and email...unfortunately, i had to email them again today with an addition to the amended email! its all getting a bit long winded....but i'll post todays email after the other one! Dear sir/madam I am writing today after a series of distressing incidents involving your telephone banking service which have left me out of pocket, angry, upset and, worst of all, stressed and publicly humiliated. As you are aware I am under severe financial hardship at the moment, and
  6. Oh and who is correct The guy yesterday who said that i would incurr a 25 pound charge as i was unable to meet the payment. I then asked for this charge not to be applied to my account. He then asked me in a very derogotary manner why i thought it was acceptable to default on a payment, and then ask for the charges to be dropped all the time. I felt quite insulted by this, as i certainly to not do this "all the time", and would ony ask for the charge to be dropped in exceptional circumstances. As my money was running out in the phone box, i felt that i didn't have tiime to argue with his unf
  7. Ok, today the situation took a bizzare but welcome twist:confused: E mail not sent yet.... Whilst browsing this forum looking for the next steps to take, I recieved a phone call to my mobile from 08003284930. Oh joy:eek: its hsbc calling to say managed loan payment refused due to insufficient funds(thanks for that:mad:) and could I explain!. Calmly I aked him to confirm this call was being recorded, and that I was very pleased to hear from him:D.. This confused him a little:???:as he was unaware that I had tried to contact the bank!! I explained I would be making a compla
  8. Thanks so much for taking the time to help, I will forward the complaint to hsbc, and look into the parachute account, before battle comences... To be rid of hsbc on a day to day basis would be a blessing:) I will keep you all updated on my progress.... And 10 quid sounds reasonable for the huge amount of info they must have on me, do i need to make 2 SAR requests as its a joint account, with 2 names:???: thanks again UJ:rolleyes:
  9. so sorry posted twice, thought first one hadnt worked...
  10. hi! I've had a difficult day with hsbc, and am making a complaint! again! but by email this time...(thanks for the address folks!) I would appreciate comments on my email before i send it, if anyone has any previous experience. I was also wondering if this would be a good time to ask the bank to reconsider my current charges claim against them, due to severe hardship... thanks in advance, heres a copy of the email: Dear sir/madam I am writing today after a series of distressing incidents involving your telephone banking service which have left me out of pocket, angry, upset and, wor
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