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  1. AIC operates a "President's Club" for the alleged "stars" amongst it' number as they compete against each other internationally. When I first spoke to the gifted one he said he was going to make me bankrupt within six hours. Next time I speak to the gifted one it will be in Glasgow. Still, this doesn't necessarily help Boltmaker who may have had no dealings with this fragrant individual as yet.
  2. That would be Mr AndXXX "President's Club" GilXXXX?
  3. We have a court date - three weeks away - and an attempt at mediation (District Judge's recommendation) in the interim so I need to send all pertinent docs etc to A CERTAIN WATER Co. Anything specific I should be saying?....beyond the defence already filed plus supporting docs?
  4. Well, first things first, you need to give Cigna the opportunity to provide all the info so write to them and SAR them if the info seems dodgy. You need a copy of any pertinent policy documents too. I doubt Amex will consider any chargebacks or other disputes if it's been running this long. After 5 and a half years paying for what could turn out to be a quite legitimate policy I doubt you'll have grounds for any kind of "mis-selling" but there might be other ways. But you need the info first.
  5. I'm not sure what you're looking to achieve. Are you saying you have absolutely no recollection of this and would not have signed up to such an agreement? You could SAR the insurance co. if you think they're not being straight with you but there seems to be no evidence so far. If it's not a PPI contract then you've got to build a thorough case as there is little momentum on non-PPI matters. Amex and Cigna working together is pretty much irrelevant unless you can identify something underhand that has been going on, otherwise its just direct marketing at work. They all do it unless you tick the box to opt out. If you don't want the policy then it may be possible to surrender or sell it.
  6. I'd just call them as you have no dispute with them....yet.
  7. It's too much just for that (£16.34).
  8. That's hard to say until you talk to Amex. How did you apply for the card? If it was online then a missed tick box might have inadvertently opted you in to a scheme. But only Amex can actually tell you what they're charging you for.
  9. That's a lot for PPI. You really need to ask Amex first as they do have schemes for house and car insurance too which can be charged to the card.
  10. Hi Boltmaker and welcome. Have a look here to get an idea of the kind of ride you're in for with Amex and their assorted hired goons that will now be threatening you from time to time. Like my account, your account is old and I am certain they will not be able to produce a CCA and I would hazard a guess that if any notifications to you have been required they will have been done incorrectly and quite probably unlawfully. In particular have a look at dates and timings of any default or cancellation notices. A SAR is a good idea too, especially on an account this old. And finally, AIC. Was it the Glasgow office that contacted you and, in particular, was it a Mr AndXXX GilXXXX?
  11. Well that smacks of BS!. They're obviously unsure of their ground for some reason. What are the grounds for your appeal and when's it being heard? In the meantime I would suggest priority is to establish the origin of 42% - trace back the papertrail to its first appearance. If Amex did it without the courts say so then life could be interesting for at least one Brighton desk wallah.
  12. Editorial Private Eye 6 Carlisle Street, London, W1D 3BN, UK Tel: +44 (0)20 7437 4017 Fax: +44 (0)20 7437 0705 Email: [email protected]
  13. Okay, quick supplementary Q: When does litigation "commence"? At the filing of the claim?
  14. A little confused. I might be wrong here but you said that Bluestone had acquired the "debt" but you also mentioned them acting on behalf of Mini finance. If the latter is the case - which seems most likely - and Bluestone are being an intransigent and unnecessary pain then they can be told to spin on their thumb. It strikes me that no aspect of this is enforceable against you at this point so they are simply a spreadsheet harassment trick unleashed by Mini Finance in the hope of making their books look a little better week-by-week. I'd just deal with MF.
  15. If I understand it correctly your BF obviously gave your address to the police and it's gone through the process as his address. You can show that that was not correct - you might need to do a Statutory Declaration for that to have weight - but your BF then has a potentially bigger problem of giving a false address. How much was the original penalty? How much is the bailiff demanding?
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