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  1. Hi, thanks for the replies. I am not actually sure how long its been going on for, as our bills are just paid by the accounts department, as i said it was only bought to light as we were leaving and had an issue with something. i pulled a couple of other bills and one of them we have been billed for was 241 hours on averge we use below 30 hours. Until i have gone back and found as many bills as possible i am not sure of the value of the claim.
  2. Hi, Yes we do have evidence over the last four months. It was only bought to light as we were changing suppliers as our bills were getting rather high, and on checking the itemised bill to our tracker system we could see that the invoice was very out. We can only go back four months as this is how long our call tracker system stores information. We have contacted the supplier who advised us that under our terms and conditions we can not do anything about previous bills as in our terms and conditions it says we need to bring in to light witin 7 days. He does not seem
  3. Just a quick one. Could any advise where we stand if a telecoms company has been repeatedly overcharging us for time spent on the phone invoiced for 156 hours only been on the phone 26 hours we have proof as we have a call tracker. Checked previous 4 months bills and they are all incorrect. The telecoms provider is not bothered said we should have checked bills before. We have contacted the ombudsman and as we have more than 10 employees they can not do anything. We have been advised to take it to the same claims court. Just wondering what peoples vi
  4. Good Morning. Just a little update. I have teletex complaints department dealing with this. They have admitted that i have been sold the wrong hotel, and they are going back to the supplier. Teletex supplier are saying because its a non-refundable room i can not be moved or get my money back and teletex are trying to sort it with them telling them its not my fault. I am right in saying that my contract is with teletex, and not with their supplier, that teletex miss sold the hotel, so it is up to them to sort it, and then sort whatever with their supplier. I have told them that i want an answer
  5. Thank you I will try and form a letter.
  6. It also says on another site that Annabelle park guests are not allowed to use the restaurants and bars at the Annabelle diamond and they also have the two hotels listed separately diamond 5 star and park 4 star with two different prices .
  7. Also the quote was for the Annabelle Diamond not park
  8. The first add the Annabelle diamond & spa annexe is the one I used to book with, this is the 5 star that we wanted. The second add is for the Annabelle park 4 star Which they booked. I had never seen this add or asked about this add until after teletex booked it.
  9. It is Atol protected and yes we arranged a package. Many thanks
  10. The Annabelle diamond & spa annexe, is given 5 stars on their site this is why I chose it. In their description it says 96 rooms over 7 floors and a further annex building. It does not say this annexe is only 4 star and you can not use the facilities in the main hotel. Also I was never given both options. I tried to resolve it saying I wanted to be in the diamond bit but have not Goya any where at the moment . To the person booking it comes across as your booking the 5 star hotel.
  11. He told me. That there was a different set up for the main Annabelle diamond, but told me this in a conversation afterwards.
  12. Not sure I understand what you were saying in the first sentence. When I read the name Annabella Diamond & spa anexe to me it reads that the spa is the annexe?
  13. It's hard to say as the quote is for the Annabelle diamond 5 star and the booking is for the Annabelle park 4 starr, but teletex are saying its the same hotel. It's confusing.
  14. Could you please help. I got a quote from teletex holidays for a hotel advertised on their site as The Annabella Diamond &spa annexe. This is a 5 star hotel with amazing reviews and pictures of the hotel. In the description of the hotel, it tells you about the hotel, how many rooms and also indicates there is a separate annexe, (but does not elaborate). The teletex operative was very pushy for me to book and I told him to call back after 5 as I was working and I would be in the car. He called me back whilst I was driving, (I have hands free) and I decided to go ahead with the qu
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