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  1. Thanks aa! You certainly can! The adivce on this site, direct and indirect, has been really appreciated. I will be making a donation shortly. Cheers.
  2. Sorry, I've been away for a few weeks so I haven't had a chance to keep the thread updated. Anyways, they sent me a letter just shy of the stated response deadline (28th June) outlining an offer. This included recalculated payments on the loan I had with them...minus all further PPI and related interest payments, repayment of all PPI and interest payments made to date (65 of them) plus the 8% statutory interest. The figure they gave for interest was near enough to the one I claimed for and wasn't a flat 8% of the PPI payments made to date. So all's well! They were going to send me a cheque for the full amount and continue with the loan but I didn't want to do that....I wanted to pay off the remainder of the loan with it. They arranged that for me which sped things up a bit. I had a cheque for the difference about mid-last week! I'm very pleased with it all and even though I know it was my money in the first place it does feel good to get it back and finish my loan about 18 months sooner than I expected with a nice wack left over!
  3. No not yet....still waiting for the offer letter, they said they would pay but they've passed it to another department who will do the calculations. They said it would respond within a month so I'm hoping get something by 28th June.
  4. They told me they wouldn't pay the amount off the ongoing loan as a matter of course. They said they would send me a cheque for the amount I've paid so far and adjust the loan...I didn't request it. Have you had an offer and they've told you something different PompeyFC? All that said, they haven't officially said that's the way they are going to pay me yet, it was the one of the Customer Relations officers tellling me over the phone. I'll wait till I get the confirmation in writing and then let you know what it says. She says another department do the calculations and they'll be writing to me within the next month. I'll keep you all posted.
  5. Cheers PF! That's what i thought. I'm expecting them to pay me the ppi payments to date plus interest and recalculate the rest of the loan left to put it in a state had the insurance not been taken out. I'll let you all know what the actual state of the offer is when it arrives. Cheers
  6. Sorry, PompeyFC! I posted the update then left the therad to it. Thanks, Pompeyfaith....that's the address I posted the letters. Also, I have another update! Over the weekend I had a letter from halifax telling me that they are going to put me in a postiion had I never taken out the PPI......WooHoo! I called the girl who sent me the letter to ask what I can expect and she told me it had been passed to another department. It was a bit confusing but I think she said they would send me a check for the amount of PPI I've paid so far plus interest and recalculate my loan as if I hadn't taken out PPI. Both together should wipe the thing out! WooHoo! She also mentioned something about 3 months interest but I didn't quite get that! If anybody can shed some light on this (unofficial as yet) offer I would be really grateful! Cheers.
  7. Hi All, I thought I'd give an update on the latest! I decided to stick with the FOS route and give Halifax the 8 weeks they stated in their letter. I have come home this evening to find a letter from Halifax regarding the claim. It states their apologies for not yet sending a full response and I should expect to receive one by no later than 16th June. Its a pretty bland and standard letter - its signed by a different 'Customer Relations Officer' so it seems like it doing the rounds. I'll be on tenterhooks until they send me the letter telling me how they're not going to pay up! - I'll keep the thread updated as I go through it. I imagine I'm are nowhere near the ugly part yet! Cheers.
  8. OK. Thanks for the advice aa. I'll write to them stating that I will give them the 8 weeks they have stated and I will also submit SAR as I've only got a copy of my loan agreement at the minute. I'm assuming that the points above will be dealt with by different departments so I'll send the letters separately. Here goes! I'll keep the forum posted on progress! Cheers.
  9. Hi All, I received a letter from Halifax this morning (which is strange because the tracking service states that neither of my letters have been delivered). Anyways, it's a standard letter stating that they are sorry to hear of my concerns and the FSA allows them 8 weeks to investigate these claims. Problem is I sent them a letter stating that they have 14 days in which to respond and If I do not hear from them postitively within the next 14 days then I would issue an LBA giving them a further 14 days before I issue. What should I do? Carry on with my original deadline or wait the 8 weeks? Grateful for any help!
  10. I just thought I'd post on here to vent some anger! I cannot beleive that the second peice of mail has not been delivered either!! I am in such a temper! I posted it on Tuesday and in my previous experience, if it's not arrived after the second working day you can pretty much bank on the fact that it's never going to get there!! It makes me sick that we have to put up with this stupendous incompetence from Royal Mail but miraculously they manage to deliver all my bills. Not one has ever gone missing in the post! It looks like I'm going to have to fork out the £4 odd to make sure it gets delivered....I will wait till tomorrow though....just in case! haha!
  11. Thanks for the links aa. It’s really infuriating! I had this problem when I claimed back my bank charges…it turned out only about 3 of 5 letters I sent actually got delivered! I left it go last time but this time I’m going to chase it up! I never usually use the post so the stamp book can go to my mum! I’ll post another PPI letter today and hopefully it will reach its destination! Cheers.
  12. Thanks for the response BB. I'll leave it another day or two, if it doesn't show anything by then I'll send another one and hopefully that one will show up as delivered. As I understand I need a proof of delivery in order to start the 14 day count down I stated in my letter? Cheers.
  13. Hi All, Just would like to ask a quick question. I've sorted through All the paperwork, calculated the refund and sent my PPI letter to Halifax recorded delivery. Only problem is I sent the mail last Thursday and it's still not showing up on the Post Office tracking service! I've given a 14 day response time on the letter, should I send another one with a new date? Suggestions and experiences would be gratefully welcomed! Cheers.
  14. Hi again, I hope someone is able to help. I've put my figures into the spreadsheet provided it says the total PPI interest paid to date (I've made 64 payments of out 84) exceeds the total charge for credit for PPI stated on my loan agreement for the life of the loan. Can anyone explain this please? Kind regards, Ross
  15. Sorry, I should also add that I was a full time permenant civil servant, and still am which would mean I could never make a sucessful claim against the insurance and I get a redundancy package and full pay during times of sickness - they knew I was a civil servant. I'm hoping the reasons it the last post and this one are enough to prove I was mis-sold the policy! Cheers, Ross
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