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  1. Me again:D:D I have been trying to upload Marlin letter via photobucket, but I'm having a bit of trouble - Postggj if I email you the letter can you post it up for me please? Sarah
  2. I will post up the letter as soon as possible and a donation to CAG forum will be winging its way shortly. Hopefully this post will help others in our situation. A big thank you again :D:D
  3. Received a letter from Marlin today releasing o/h from any liability regarding the debt and no further monies are payable!!!!!:D:D A great big thank you to postggj we couldn't have done it without you - you are an angel. Sarah
  4. i'm sure they would have plenty to say if we took eight weeks to pay them!!!!!!:D:D
  5. Still nothing - they like dragging their heels this lot don't they!!!!:roll:
  6. Letter was sent by recorded delivery and Marlin received it on the 25th August, as yet no reply - how much longer do I give them?
  7. postggj thanks for your help so far - letter winging its way to Marlin tomorrow!:lol:
  8. Sorry for taking ages to get back on here - I can't scan the document as scanner has broken. Can I email or fax it to someone?
  9. Ok I'm going to give this a whirl - not sure when I can do this as haven't got access to scanner but will post as soon as I can. Thanks:)
  10. Ok guys thank for help so far - have read the Go case hopefully I can resolve mine like that one. What do I do now? - I have the credit agreement and it looks like Yes took other halfs old car as a deposit and insisted upon the PPI.
  11. We have only paid so far as we have been told (by a few sources of advice) that the credit agreement still stands as the car was repossessed and that we have to pay the balance less the auction proceeds. I appreciate we may have "been had" that is why I am now looking for advice on how to deal with this so we don't have to pay them a penny more if we have to.
  12. Exactly, hence why I think its time to get the rest written off - just need advice about how to do so:confused:
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