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  1. Have tried to search for the original notice, but no luck so far. Can I PM you more details?
  2. The police are investigating - if 'she' took money from clients in the knowledge that she would be boarding up in a few days she is in trouble there. They just need to prove it. I've already found out that she was not allowed to continue trading by just removing the limited part of her company name - that is a criminal offence. Our problem is finding out who we should go to for help - whats the point of having all these different government agencies to check on companies that seem to have little or no power if a company breaks the rules? Some of the group have appointments with
  3. We emailed companies house last night - they said the company was dissolved in may and should not be trading as a limited company anymore - there advice was to seek our own professional advice on the matter - that assumes the company is not trading as a limited company. The ladies payslips all have 'LIMITED' in the title. No one was informed of the change of status. The boss has pretty much been struck off, then carried on as normal without telling anyone at the nursery. I've emailed them again asking for details of the administrator that handled the process in may. We looked at
  4. Ok, ty for your help. Firstly, we are unsure exactly how to find out who the administrator is, due to the fact that no one has been able to contact the boss. either by telephone or email. We have a home address, but I assume the boss will not reply to a letter if they can't even be bothered to answer their phone. We are not even sure there is an administrator if the company was supposed to be closed in may? Who would appoint an administrator in normal cases?
  5. Hi, I.m posting on behalf of a group of ladies who work at a childcare nursery. Diary of events... Monday: Boss visits to meet with manager. Authorises a KCC order for supplies amounting to about £80 Tuesday: Boss visits. Collects some cheques from clients for advance payment of services. £900. Thursday: A carpenter visits to measure windows. 1 client pays £600 by direct debit for next months childcare. Friday: 8 staff receive no expected monthly pay. £6500 Saturday: We receive a phone call from a friend to say that the nursery is
  6. I've modified the letter I found on this forum to suit my needs, any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Here's a list of the fee's included on the levy. Could you tell me which ones I am liable for and which ones are invalid and I can deduct from the total so that I can work out a payment offer more accurately? Liability Order : £214.02 Levy Fee : £30 Walking Possession: NIL Attendance to attempt to levy distress: £42 Attendance / Removal : £90 Total Outstanding : £376.52
  8. Thank you, I have just posted a new thread. Can't post link because I don't have enough posts under my belt yet
  9. Hi This is my first new thread. I'll try and make it as brief as i can.. Went on holiday for 2 weeks. Came back to bailiff letter dated 22/9 for council tax arrears of £214. 'We called today to remove goods / vehicles...' 'We will return from 5pm 25/9' There was also a document which I think you guys call a 'levy'. Tried to attach document as an image with personal stuff blanked but my post count has to be above 20 . The car listed is not mine - it's my neighbours and it was on HIS drive. I got home on 25th at 4am - french air traffic strike! Tried ringing LARGE PR
  10. can a certificated bailif force entry (or push past me) to seize goods for council tax arrears?
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