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  1. The advice i have been given is to send a 'bemused' letter which i believe is a letter to say to Cap one that their time is up (even though they have said to me my account is on hold for 28 days while they look into 'it') I am ashamed to say that i have not sent the bemused letter because i kind of feel out of my depth but you have renewed my spark and am typing said letter now! I will let you know. What have the muppets said to you recently?
  2. This is what i am expecting from cap 1 myself. From what i read, cap 1 have 12 plus 2 days to reply in full to your original cca request even though they say 'account on hold for 28 days'. I am NOT an expert on this stuff by any means-'Cerberuseralert' has been brilliant for advice...... Good luck Luce x
  3. Cerberuseralert-Finally (promise!) what is a 'bemused' letter? Obviously i know what it means but what am I bemused about?!!
  4. I am talking about this on another thread-'Cap 1 and 28 day letter'. Maybe some of the advice on there would help. I am now advised to send an 'in dispute' letter. Don't know if thats any use Luce
  5. Hi sgormley1, I am going through almost the same. Just recieved a 'account on hold' letter from Cap 1. Please let me know how you get on. Sorry i cant help, i have posted for advice on similar stuff. Good luck! Luce
  6. So it wouldn't be inappropriate to send an 'in dispute' letter now? Luce
  7. Ok so does that mean that this 28 day 'account on hold' isn't right or am i missing something? I appreciate your help. Luce
  8. Willtheywontthey is that when i should send them an 'in dispute' letter? Luce
  9. They have sent letters from at least three different companies; Lowell, Capquest and HL Legal. What bugs me is the debt does not appear on any of my credit reports. Is it 12 days after the 28? Luce
  10. Cheers Ella and Cerberusalert, i thought it was a bit of a wierd request. Whats the usual response from them after the 28 days? Luce x
  11. Hi all, Can someone please advise me as to what my next course of action is regarding a CCA request i sent Cap one? They replied well within the time frame to say my account was on hold for 28 days while they looked into my request. In a separate letter they asked me for proof of marriage (name change) and any payment details i had made to that account. In the letter they also wrote 'this is not a demand but a request'. This is my first attempt at a CCA request and am kind of out my depth! Thanks Luce
  12. Hi all, I got an email from Callcredit this morning telling me my latest subscription payment had failed and to 'rectify' this asap. I have no such subscription and never had. Has anyone else had this happen and is there any thing to come, ie. late payment being reported to other CRA's? Just when i thought i was getting thing sorted!....
  13. Thanks ozzy. Kind of knew it couldn't go on but its been a great few days not worrying about topping the damn thing up. Scottish power say they dont take key meters out of rented properties once they have been put in so im stuck with paying more for the priviledge thats why i thought id try some new provider. Any way guess its time to call them! Luce
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