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  1. Talk about delusions of grandeur If it helps building up the value of your own self importance, continue to think that I am from some law firm etc. You are sadly mistaken and kidding yourself
  2. Who do you think you are ? You are nothing more than a bully ! I have been asking questions to find out about securitisation. After all isn't CAG a consumer help site ? At every turn you are there laying down the rules according to Superslueth. You have to be one of the rudest, aggressive people I have ever had the misfortune meet on a forum. I asked if you were Carmel Butler because your arguments are very similar. Both her report and your posts refer to clavis, you said you would submit evidence and your qualifications are the same. I did not think that asking a simp
  3. You are so rude, I have only been asking questions. You don't have to be "SMARTER THAN AN 8 YEAR" to put two and two together. This is taken from the report I am British Citizen resident in the UK and a qualified lawyer admitted to practice in New York, U.S.A. I have an LLB Laws from the London School of Economics and a JD (Juris Doctor) from Columbia University, New York. I practiced securities law at Sidley Austin LLP New York office from September 2006 to December 2007. Superslueth has posted: Quote: Originally Posted by supersleuth I worked on se
  4. I am just saying sorry for every post I make at the moment. I have read your evidence to the treasury several times. I just wanted find out more. My Mother always used to say, if you don't know, ask Thanks for the warm welcome. Way to elitest for me
  5. I only referred to it JonCris as I wanted to know who was right and who was wrong. So Suetonius was wrong then, the 2003 case was not the application to appeal it was the 2005. Thanks, that is all I wanted to know..
  6. Superslueth, It is simply not a matter of prefering the law according to Suetonius. The law according to Superslueth is different to the law according to Suetonius. Both of you have posted great arguments. I am not interested in becoming involved in the pettiness of the personal squabbles between. I am interested in the facts not who can beat their chest the loudest. It does not really take an Einstein to figure out why you have a vested interest in Suetonius being being wrong. I just want to learn as much as I can, just in case I can't clear my arrears next mont
  7. They do it by post ? A little cold and inpersonal. Good Luck with you case dotty
  8. Thank you. I will watch what I say in future. I can see how, what I said could be taken the wrong way
  9. I apologise again, I did not intend to slow anyone down. I wanted to learn more about securitisation, as it might help me in the future. I am sorry if my questions have pestered anyone. I only joined CAG because a friend said that there were a lot of helpful here.
  10. Thank you I tried that and i found an old case in 1996, but could not see the connection to securitisation
  11. IS IT ME? Can you say anything about Norgan or is it something that can't be posted in public ?
  12. Was Suetonius right, that Supersleuth was wrong about this case being a permission to appeal ?
  13. So he/she is wrong definitely then, but the reasons why just can't be posted
  14. This is the post I mean http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/show-post/post-2113123.html
  15. Now I am confused about this too I have been reading this thread and others over and over again. I have not seen people really challenge the points he/she made. There is a long post here or on the Carmel thread with a list of 6 or 7 points. No one seems to have really responded, without the sadly obvious personal attacks on him/her. People seem more interested in personally attacking him/her rather than the points he/she raised. Has anyone effectively countered the points he/she raised ?
  16. I hoping (fingers crossed) I won't need. I am two months behind and have about 3 weeks to get the money together. I should just be able to scrap the required £1,000 Supersleuth says the s.395 is the trustee and not the SPV
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