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  1. Thanks for your kind response, Michael Browne. I guess I have a misconception that they must have bays/road markings in place, and that the entry sign must conform to a certain standard (I'm thinking of the standard Controlled Parking Zone signs which are massive).
  2. I've realised that the images don't show up well here so I've added external links to help. Thanks. PCN Front: PCN Back: Other images available here: http://imageshack.com/a/img132/5347/e0kr.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img843/4924/1iyp.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img13/5536/k4xb.jpg
  3. Hey guys, I was issued a PCN today when I was visiting a customer On First Avenue in Manor Park (Newham Council, London). It appears that they've recently introduced a Residential Parking Zone in July 2013, and as I've previously parked here when there weren't any restrictions, I didn't realise. What made it worse was that there were no road markings (i.e. no bay markings, no single yellow lines etc.), and I had to drive back onto the start of the road to see a small sign indicating the parking zone, and then I realised there were more sign posts on the road. Don't get me wrong,
  4. Hi all. I'm going to apologise first of all if I've posted this in the wrong place. It took me a while to put this new thread together so please offer any help you can, it would be greatly appreciated Situation: I have a Personal Loan for a laptop with the HFC bank taken out 29th Feb 2008 (Date of Agreement) bought from PC World. I have asked for an early settlement figure and they sent me a letter quoting the final amount required to settle the account. Let me summarise the loan details below: Loan Summary -Date of Agreement: 29/02/2008 -Settlement Date: 19/04/2010 -A
  5. I'm going to draft up a letter and base my argument around the fact that it's not a dropped footway and it's not used for wheelchair users or pedestrians as theres no "dropped footway" on the other side. Any more to add guys? Thanks
  6. Hello guys going to need your brains on this one. Alleged Offence: Code 27 "parked in a special enforcement area adjacent to a dropped footway" I have just got a PCN for parking adjacent to a dropped footway, but the so called "dropped footway" is not the usual dropped curb type. This dropped footway looks to be "dropped" because it used to be for an alleyway or to a driveway that's obviously no longer in existance. I have parked here many times before and even consulted many traffic wardens who said its fine to park there. So it was to my surprise when I found a PCN today for
  7. Hi there hope you guys can give me some advice, I have read a number of threads about clamping on this forum but I haven't found what I'm looking for. I have been clamped and fined by a private firm called Elite Parking Enforcement Ltd on private land which had lots of signs posted up. It was £125 for release fee and £80 PCN, which totalled £205 to pay in order to be released!! At the time, because it was my first time being clamped, I didn't think to take any photos, although if required I could easily return (only local) and take some. To cut a long story short, i decided to pa
  8. lol that's how I felt crem... it's silly that they still make it sound as if you were in the wrong. I might just leave it though, but the fact that traffic wardens have the cheek to issue a controversial PCN with the alleged contravention just ****es me off, when I clearly did not contravene!
  9. Hey guys, great news! I received a letter back from Lambeth eventually due to the postal strike and all - they have cancelled it! Click the link below to view the letter. Anyway, I was wondering if there is any point in following this up with a complaint letter? Thanks guys. Lambeth Reply
  10. Short and sharp draft letter - everything ok? Dear Sir or Madam I am writing to challenge the PCN with the reference number stated above on the grounds that the contravention with code 26E did not occur. I quote from section 85 of the Traffic Management Act 2004: Prohibition of double parking etc. (1) In a special enforcement area a vehicle must not be parked on the carriageway in such a way that no part of the vehicle is within 50 centimetres of the edge of the carriageway. It is very clear from the picture evidence enclosed that my vehicle was indeed within 50 ce
  11. They are my pictures... sorry for not mentioning this earlier. I don't understand this one Bernie... can you explain? Also, I remember reading somewhere that if the PCN gets issued past 11pm, it reduces the time period that you're allowed to appeal or pay the fine, so the pcn is not valid? Is this correct or am I just plain wrong? Thanks.
  12. Yes I have dude, thanks. As the photo of my car shows, the majority of the car is easily within 50cm... so I should appeal with " the contravention did not occur" right?
  13. For the S.85 contravention to apply, my whole car must be 50cm away from the kerb? I will add these pictures to my appeal thanks. So I should appeal saying that the contravention did not occur? Thanks in advance buddy.
  14. thanks, i'll take a look. No... just the front tyre was perhaps more than 50cm. I'll post more pictures of the incident once I get my camera back. Meanwhile, is the pcn valid? thanks guys, appreciated *edit* I have posted more images. Please take a look.
  15. Hi guys, Once again I've received another PCN. This time i was parked outside a club in a dead end road on a single yellow line (past 11pm).. .and the alleged contravention was 26e: Vehicle parked more than 50cm from the edge of the carriageway and not within a designated parking place (double/parked obstruction). I parked on a curved kerb (no dropped footway), and because of this, my front was not too close to it. I will post the images soon, but I would appreciate advice on the PCN itself to see if it is valid. Thanks for any help guys! Here are the images of the PCN:
  16. Thanks green_and_mean, I'll look into that. There is certainly no dropped kerb on the opposite side of the road, as can be seen in the additional images. Do you have any views on the CCTV PCN contravention 01? I quote from article on theregister.co.uk: "The cameras fall foul of the Traffic Management Act of 2004 which only came into force in 2008...The TMA rules state that cameras must operate at 720 x 576 pixels - Westminster Council's only work at 704 x 576." Would this invalidate the PCN? Thanks!
  17. Any ideas guys? I am mainly concerned with the PCN for contravention 27 (dropped kerb). Thanks!
  18. Hey guys, happy Easter! This is my first time posting on here, although I have been visiting the site before. THANK YOU for your time in reading this post. Anyway, I have recently received 2 PCNs, both from Westminster Council, consisting of 1 through the post (CCTV) for contravention 01, and another stuck to my windscreen for contravention 27. I was wondering if I stood any chance of appealing against these two PCNs and if so, on what grounds? I have about a week left to make an informal representation (sorry for the delay), so ideally I would be sending off my appeal by Wednesday/Thu
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