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  1. I've called HR, and they've instructed me to email, and write to Head Office, (specifically to the person I talked to on the phone) everything I said over the phone, so she has it in writing. I've written my letter, and am posting it tomorrow, but emailing it to them now. As soon as I put the phone down my manager called me, and asked me what I was doing, and when I was handing in my resignation. I told her I was doing nothing at this time. She claims that she is "up in arms" with staff, and needs to know asap, and then started asking me what days my flights were (I booked off the day previo
  2. I googled the head office and got the number ahaha I'm about to call them Thanks
  3. No I left the number at work last night, so will have to get it again tonight. I won't be able to make an appoint until tomorrow morning, as Head office closes at 5 and I'm not in till 6.
  4. CAB Have told me that she can dismiss me because I've not worked there for a year yet, but I'm still not handing my notice in, and they've told me to write a letter to HR and go back with the reply and Contract. If she wants to dismiss me, she can go through the correct procedure, and not rely on me to hand in my resignation.
  5. I got a new phone the other day, that saves voicemails, I have two now, she called me this morning shouting at me because I wasn't at work, I called her back and said that my shift wasn't till 6pm, and she wouldn't listen, I finalised by asking her if she was looking at next weeks rota, she was, and then she blamed me for putting the rota in the folder the wrong way, automatically justifying her early morning call. Bleugh
  6. Seriously, I stumbled upon this forum by mistake, and you all seem to be really helpful, I've a history of letting people walk upon me, and you all have given me the incentive to fight. I thank you all. And I will keep you updated on everything that occurs. If there was a Kudos system on her, you'd all get points. Thanks, AberlourJameson
  7. Thanks for the support, and yes I am young, (20) this is my first job that has been important to me, due to the fact I'm living independantly for university, and her asking me to resign means that I will need a new job to afford to live here in rented accommodation. I'm quite angered by the fact that she told me that I did a stupid thing by requesting the holiday, and that I'll not find another job, and not be able to pay rent, she depends on me for many things and she expected me to say that I'll cancel the holiday. Se definately jumped the gun by employing someone before I've handed my n
  8. Well, She has hired a new staff member (in one day?) and I haven't handed my notice in. So she's messed up, and now she's overstaffed. I'm calling HR tomorrow, to find out if her claim that it's company policy that I'm only allowed one week off in one go is legit. I'm so disraught by this. I've only taken one holiday off sice I've worked there, which was for 3 days and agreed on my interview when I started, I haven't taken a single day sick, and I've been covering for 2 staff members for the past month.
  9. I have discussed the matter with my manager, and she wants me to hand my notice today. Can I refuse to hand it in and work up until when I go abroad?
  10. She doesn't want me to go because of the length of time. Not because of when it is. I am in the wrong as I didn't know my dad had booked the flights, until this weekend, or infact that I was actually going.
  11. Yesterday I booked off 3 weeks to go to Florida, in July/August. Today I recieved a voicemail off my manager, saying there is no way I can have those three weeks off, and if it is the case that I'm going, then I have no job. I don't feel this is very fair, because this doesn't mean the shop is going to suffer if I did go on holiday, and I have been working there for a year, and staff have taken this length of time off, while I've been working here, and it's being easily covered. She hasn't given it a second thought, or even thought of the idea of me going to Florida, without sacking me,
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