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  1. Thank you! Finally someone who read my opening post! This is very useful, thank you. Do you think it would really require this level of detail, in reality? Are the courts really this strict? I ask, because I do not wish for my private financial affairs to be interrogated in detail in front of the defendant. What do you think?
  2. Check the online guidance for the correct amount. Edit: Guidance located here.
  3. I have been asked to demonstrate my loss of earnings comprising an amount for which I am suing for as directly foreseeable consequential damages. What would generally be accepted to be credible evidence of loss of earnings in the the County Court? I have been self employed as a consultant for the last few years and during the period in question. Any advice or the benefit of anyone's experience would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  4. I am currently involved County Court litigation with Royal Mail. They have served a Witness Statement upon me by post this morning, approximately one month ahead of the scheduled date of the hearing. Would this suggest that they do not plan to attend or send a representative to the hearing?
  5. As I have stated in the previous posts, this transaction concerned is between two private individuals. I believe 'Redgrave v Hurd' is still good law. If it has since been overturned then please be so kind as to state the relevant case in point.
  6. I found the correct form to be the generic N244, for both.
  7. I take it you have never acquainted yourself with the landmark case of Redgrave v Hurd (1881).
  8. Dear Sir, I thank you for your valuable advice on this thread, but I cannot accept your assertions on the basis which you have set out. The legal principles which they would appear to present seem to be legally untenable to my mind. Allow me to explain... I would suggest that the time when the contract for sale was formed was when consideration initially passed - ie the payment of a 10% deposit - on the basis of the eBay auction and the condition of the vehicle which was set out therein. The contract was therefore formed on the basis of the condition of the vehicle which the seller
  9. The seller provided the vehicle's service history. This included documents concerning last three MOTs. Each MOT was initially failed due to 'severe corrosion' to many areas of the vehicles chassis, including both the nearside and offside rear wheel arches. Each time, an invoice was raised for very non-descript 'repair work', and each time the vehicle passed the subsequent MOT retest. However, from a very careful inspection of the nearside rear wheel arch, I am assured by an expert that there has never been any repair work performed the nearside rear wheel arch in the vehicle's history. It
  10. Thank you for your reply. It is very helpful. Allow me to explain a little more... I in fact bought a car under these circumstances recently. The seller stated in his eBay listing: "Bit of rust, mainly in the boot." Then showing a photo of a tiny amount of rust in the boot sill. After winning the eBay auction, I then viewed the car in person. I asked the seller at this time if there were any other problems with the car. His responses was an authoritative 'No'. Then, ten days after purchasing this car, the entire rear suspension system fell out whilst I was driving it. The reason
  11. If a private seller holds out an item for sale, and expressly states the items condition, but the item then transpires to have problems which were not represented in that description of condition... Does that provide the purchaser with recourse through the county court, on the basis of misrepresentation? Forgive me if I was unclear: I am not talking about prudence (seeking an MOT appraisal, etc). I am thinking more about legal obligation.
  12. I would like to buy a second-hand car which has been advertised for sale online. The seller has said, both in his advert and in private emails, that the car is sound in every way and has no defects. When I view the car in person, with the hope of buying it, what am I required to do in law to cover myself, as far as any reasonable person should be expected to? Or would the contract for sale simply be formed on the basis of the descriptions used by the seller when he held-out the vehicle for sale? (Unless something was immediately and readily apparent to the contrary?) Do I h
  13. I have been browsing your brilliant forums for a long time. I now have two quick questions and I hope that someone will help me. I recently raised a claim in the County Court. It's a long story, so I won't bore you with the background details of the claim itself. I would now like to make two applications to the County Court in relation to my case: 1. To make an application for expert witness evidence to be used. I understand that this should apparently be in accordance with CPR Part 23. 2. To make an application for the location of the hearing to be changed. This
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