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  1. There comes a time, not very often, but when it happens, you appreciate it, this was one of those weeks.............. I must today say thanks to Lee the Vodafone Rep. After all I have been through and all the Departments, both at Vodafone and Apple, Lee has not only been in contact but has also helped to resolve many issues....( still taking Apple to court though)!!!! I cant delve into too much, as been told not to let too much out. But Lee has gone above and beyond the call of customer service, now i see people slating Vodafone on here, but let them have there time to sort
  2. Just a Quick Update to the situation. After recieving some information and guidance, I am about to embark on a mission, that will see me and Apple in court against each other. I need help with the following; I need to get all the information that Apple has on both my Account, and also any repair reports etc. Now do i just request this in a pre-action letter, or can i ask for it before i send the pre action. I am no longer interested in Apple just returning the phone, for all the messing about I have done i am now more than willing to let this go to court, and hopefully
  3. Well another blow now, Police say they cant go storming in for the phone, cause of evidence on wether Apple knew when the phone was stolen, and told me that if they refuse to talk to me, or give/replace the phone then i have no choice but to take them to small claims........
  4. Well had email from Apple: "Thank you for your voicemail. I will be contacting the Police today to inform them of who to liaise with in Apple to get a response on this issue. Kind regards, Margaret ****** Executive Relations EMEA Apple Sales International" She also telephoned to say i had email, and also told me that they will only deal with the police and not divulge any information to me. Great Customer Service......................NOT
  5. Okay guys, just a quick summary: My I-Phone 4 was stolen out of my lorry, it was blocked by vodapjhone, have found out that the suspect has taken my phone into Apple retail store in Regent Street and they exchanged it for a new one. So Apple have my Stolen I-Phone which right fully belongs to me, and are not returning it to me. I am now considering the small claims court to get this returned, or replaced. Full Story: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2985900 (sorry if not allowed to external link) I have come here to get assistance with the
  6. will also SAR Cabot, who brought the account, as they may ha received paperwork from next that might come in handy
  7. Would thy send any screen grabs with this letter as i see there isnt a specific point mentioning this type of data?
  8. Thanks cerberusalert, Am determined to take this all they way....... If I had recieved a default notice then this would of been dealt wit way back in 2006, as soon as Cabot contacted me I paid immediately, just wish I had the documentation before default.
  9. Where about do i find the templates for the SAR?
  10. Are Next now going back on what the wrote in the letter that this was my default notice? as they now mention Initial Notice? So if the Initial Notice was sent in October, and gave me 14 days, and they say the default Notice was sent in October too, then what does that mean for me?
  11. well reply from next via email as follows: I have now had the opportunity to review the correspondence relating to your complaint and in particular have reviewed the legal basis on which your debt has been recorded with the credit reference agencies You believe that we should remove the default recoded against you as we have not been able to provide an exact copy of the Notice of Default that was supplied to you and that the initial notice supplied did not comply with the requirements set out under the Consumer Credit Act. I disagree with your assertion as to the contents of the noti
  12. Well, Strange one really just recieved call fom Next t say they recieved my email and letter, and that they will be sending a letter out explaining the default notice, so by the sounds of it they are still sdamant the dcument is in fact a legal default notice. So my next step will be to await the ICO outcome of looking into the matter, and then decide where to go from there. Have spoken to a solicitor about this who said I should get it overturned, but i know that i couldnt afford to pay for a solicitor to get nvolved, and know almost zero about law and how to go about taking this fu
  13. Yeah, I read the bit about the default notice, i have spoken to a solicitor who knows his stuff, and if i get no joy from next, or the ICO will take it further.
  14. But is that not to do with a CCJ, which i havent got, i just want to remove the default from my credit file
  15. Well, have written a letter to send to Next Legal Department, with a complaint about the default notice and asked for it to be formally investigated again, also filled out the online form for ico, and going to email it to them later, hopefully have explained myself clearly, but will read them again later when i got a clear head, to make sure its all clear and easy to understand.
  16. is there a template letter which, mentions about prescribed terms of a default notice, that i could send to them?
  17. Have had a look and decided to make a complaint to the ICO, just found that they take complaints online, well via email, and have downloaded the form. Should i also complain to next and give them chance to recitify the matter, would i be required to do that by the ICO?
  18. I have contacted ICO regarding this, and they are sending complaint forms through post, how precise do i have to be in wording things, as i am not the greatest in explaining myself through written media. What i dont want to do is waste peoples time, if this is all indeed correct, and everyone like cras cabot and next are saying it is, which s why i have come here to find out e definitive answer before i take it further
  19. Have started formal complaints procedure against Cabot, Next, and also formally disputed data with CRA's Then letter of complaint went to the CEO of Next who passed this this onto the guy in legal who said that this is my default notice, and as in the letter they have computer generated prove that the default notice was issued in october
  20. Just attached the letter they sent with it, they have also given a email address for any queries i may have regarding this matter. The bill is paid, and up to date, but want to get default removed, cause i know i never recieved one, and this is hampering my ability to get any form of credit.
  21. This came with a letter from the "GROUP DATA PROTECTION MANAGER | LEGAL DEPARTMENT" In it they state this is my Default Notice, and that it contains all prescribed terms.." This is the letter they sent with it:
  22. After cleaning up my Credit files, and getting DEBT FREE!!!! I finally working on my last adverse data entry...... Which involves a next catalogue account, which was passed onto Cabot, I never recieved a default notice for this, and Cabot said they didnt have one and requested one of next, and they didnt have one. Anyway to cut a long story short, after debating legal action, and talking to the CRA's and other places have finally recieved a default notice from next, despite them informing me they only keep a computer note of when a default was issued.......any way below is a cop
  23. Well, i have SAR'ed both of them, cause spoke to next on the phone, and they say they dont have one or even know if one was sent, and the according to cabot the date they say next defaulted it, and the date that the default shows i completly different, so will just have o wait the 40 days and see what comes back.
  24. just to let you guys know the outcome on this. As i only just recently got the ability to surf again. Thanks to you guys, and the advice here, i posted off the set aside form. I also Subject accessed the company in question, and they decided to remove this CCJ on there behalf saying that no debt existed, and it was a admin error. SO THANKS ALL
  25. Well have sent off the Subjuect access request to both Next and Cabot, although i feel i should only need to deal with Cabot as they are no the creditor, and they have sent the following, as a full and final response. "as advised Cabot does not hold a copy of this document and therefore, we cannot forward the same.We recommend you contact Next to request this documentation. Regretabbly we do not hold any ocumentation such as the credit agreement or default notice. I can advise you that the default was issued in October 2006." Another interesting point is (remember my default is
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