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  1. If you look at my posts on gets for several years ago, you will see how I got these idiots at Low Life to wrote of a £10K supposed claim against!! It's easy when you use all the library templates on here. After I won, I made a donation to CAG
  2. Lowell's are a bunch of lowlife scumbags; I had an issue with them hearts ago and used template letters from here, the result being that they had to close a ten thousand pound demand against me. Stand up to bullies.
  3. Lowell's are an easy touch if you know what to do. I wrote of 10K of credit card debt from MBNAand and also successfully claimed back PPI on the card, about 800 pounds .
  4. There are now calls in the Daily Mail article, submitted above, for a police investigation. Is there a petition we can sign, or some other way of pressing for police investigation and possible criminal charges being brought about?
  5. Got all my PPI back: you can e the details if you follow my name on here. It was like pulling teeth, but I got there in the end. The worst person I dealt with was at CapQuest, a DCA, who lied to me and cheated me out of money; again, look up my posts on here. Back specifically to these two banks. What they are doing, and have done, is immoral. If you have been ripped off by them, please claim your money back.
  6. According to one media report, one department was responsible for cooking the books; senior management "apparently" didn't know, so they claim. Really? And junior staff got no benefit themselves, so were e presumably doing this out of the goodness of their hearts to help the bank?
  7. Got'em! This is the relevant term and condition of "Priority Pass": 15.In the event of the cardholder cancelling or not renewing their (i) Priority Pass membership or (ii) payment card with the card issuer, the Priority Pass card shall be invalid effective from the cancellation date of their (i) Priority Pass membership or (ii) payment card. Any lounge visits made by a cardholder using an invalid card, including any guests, shall be charged to the cardholder. The specific term is here: In the event of the cardholder cancelling or not renewing their (i) Priori
  8. Well, it was missold if they didn't explicitly tell me that I had to notify a third party of changes that the bank already know about. The bank issues the new credit card from time to time, so why is it my responsibility to tell their 3rd party vendor, " Priority Pass"? That was not explicit in the advertising blurb that I posted above. It was not mentioned. It said quite impliclty, if you get the Smilemore Account, which I did, then these were the benefits.
  9. The Smile website says. for my "Smilemore Account" (this is the Smile current account with the paid monthly package): Airport Lounge Passes Four airport lounge passes per year, per account, for the account holder(s) only to enjoy. If you wish to take guests with you, additional passes can be purchased at £15 per person, per visit. (Subject to terms and conditions) Registration to activate the policy is required. You can do this online at co-operativebank.co.uk/benefits or by calling 0845 602 5783. I am looking for the terms and conditions, but it clearly says registration is with the
  10. Thanks dx100UK for the Daily Mail article: actually, I had not noticed it before. An airport lounge pass is OK, I fly quite a lot, but I feel that I have been cheated. The bank gives the package as part of my current account, but does not tell the vendor, "Priority Pass", any changes that I have notified the bank with, such a new address; nor do they tell them when a new credit card is issued, with, of course, a new expiry date. I smell a rat here. I think that the system is rigged so that I cannot male a claim, that is to say that my "Priority Pass" card would be invalid i
  11. Hi I am with Smile Bank and have a bundled account with them: that is to say I pay a monthly fee and get various "benefits". One of them is for an airport lounge pass. You get a small number of free passes each year and can pay a small fee to take a guest in with you. I recently found out that if your information changes, for example, your credit card expires and you are issued with a new one, of course with a new expiry date, or if you change address, this is not notified by Smile to the company offering the lounge service, called Priority Pass". If the bundled account is
  12. At CapQuest, always ask for Anne Mcshane ; you can see my threads on here how I ran circles around her for several months before CapQuest canceled out my "account". always end up shooting herself in the foot.
  13. Wow, perfect explanation. I always found that when I was hassled by debt collectors, I copied some library letters from this site and won every single claim against me i.e. I won. See my threads on here!
  14. You say they have written to you saying : "We are unable to accept your recent payment offer as it is unrealistic in comparison to the balance outstanding." Actually, they are not supposed to say this. The repayments are based on your ability to pay, not on what they would like to receive. Look at a suitable template letter to reply.
  15. OK, I hear what you say, but it's a bit rich for them to collect from me on a set aside CCJ, because at that time I did not know the law. It was not at all pleasant being accused of fraudulently having letters and cheques signed on my behalf in the UK. But if the law allows collection agencies to ask for money against a set aside CCJ and if the law allows them to accuse me, falsely, of having people sign cheques and letters for me in the UK, then I suppose I was naive. I do apologise for my earlier posts questioning this behaviour, I thought I was in the right. Strange
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