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  1. More than likely your friend hasn't given their Actual Income for the 2007/08 Tax Year, the Income may still be on the records as an Estimate. You have no reason to worry if they are only requesting your 2008/09 income, just complete your renewal as normal.
  2. As it is going back to 2004/05 tax year they will not change the level of income. If you called tax credits and told them, they would take the figure from you and send it to their Head Office to request the income be changed, but they will not do it for legal reasons.
  3. Unfortunately there isn't anything you can do to speed up this process, there will be other people in the same situation as yourself, so they will not put one person in front of another. Because there is no timescale, you will always be told it is being dealt with, but they won't commit to an actual timescale.
  4. If it was a large payment, over £1000 (I'm sure it's only if it's over £2000 actually) then Tax Credits will recall the payment. They will then verify all the details (income) are correct and if they are they will release the payment to you again. It will show that it is paid then recalled, because they do release the money to you, then recall it. The usual timescale for them to verify the details and to make the payment to you again is around 7-10 days. Hope this helps.
  5. As you are Self Employed you are able to complete your Renewal just now based on an estimate for 2008/09, obviously down the line you will need to provide the Actual Income for the tax year. You wouldn't be classed as unemployed up to October as you were getting Meternity Allowance, but for tax credit purposes you would be classed as unemployed after this date until you returned to work in January 2009, as they will only class you as still working for 9 months of maternity. Hope this helps.
  6. I would say you should deal with Income Support if they underpaid you. If you disputed the Over Payment with tax credits i doubt they would remit it. You are correctly being told there is an OP because technically you never informed them that you had stopped working, there-by no longer being entitled to WTC. However if you never received the correct amount from IS they should amend that for you. You can dispute the OP with tax credits, which would at least suspend any recovery while they investigate it for you, you should call them if you wish to do this and they will send out a TC846 and
  7. No, if you started maternity on 17/03/09 you would deduct 2 weeks from this tax year, so £200. So then in new Tax Year you would do £123.06 x 37 weeks = £4553.22. £100 x 37 weeks = £3700. £4553.22 - £3700 = £853.22 should be total income. 15/12/09 is when your 39 weeks maternity would be up, if you return to work on this date then you will also need to add to the £853.22 what you think you will earn in employment up to 05/04/2010. If you don't return to work on this date or before you will need to inform Tax Credits as they would then no longer class you as employed. Hope thi
  8. Yeah, you can get different answers, just depends who you get on the phone. Unfortunately i do think it's the luck of the draw who you get when you call them, if you get someone who is actually willing to help and who understands that these things affect peoples lifes then it's good. But obviously you can get people who feel they are there just to do a job and don't care what affect it has on people.
  9. Under the circumstances you have described, i could not say if there will be any other benefits available to you. However i would advise that you make sure you have informed Tax Credits of the correct circumstances. Depending what details you have on your award you may find you are entitled to more Childs Tax Credit if you have not advised them on Current Year (2009/10 Tax Year) figures. If you haven't gave them CY estimates then i suggest calling them, advising them on how much you estimate your JSA at for this year and they will calculate your current award on these figures. Be warned
  10. That's very true and i'm sure most HMRC employees would give the same advice as myself. Now unless anyone actually giving advice works for Tax Credits directly, i would say you can't really say what is right info and what's not as they have full access to all the correct guidance, whether Joe Public wants to believe it or not is a different matter.
  11. I'm sure any one could get it looked at again if they get there MP involved. All i'm saying is that if it's the claimants fault then Tax Credits won't make the change directly, it has to go to their Head Office and usually they won't do it. There after if it is escalated higher then it may get changed.
  12. No not at all, as you said the key word - relationship. Whether or not you had a partner in the forces, people who are in the forces have different rules than normal. And if this friend left £500 in the bank account every month then no it would not get taken into account as Other Income, it doesn't work like that. I haven't said there is no financial link, all i am saying that the OP has clearly said they do not live together, so it would not be a joint claim. I'm here to give advice, now whether people agree with my advice or not, under the circumstances explained by the OP, i know
  13. I understand that and i know that the OP could call HMRC 10 times and get 5 different answers, so it doesn't build much confidence. I am quite confident what i have said is correct and i'd hope if they called Tax Credit Helpline that they will be told the same thing, so that's the best thing to do. I don't think they will put it in writing though, well it will be hard to get them to do it any way.
  14. But there are specific things that are classed as Other Income, it's not just classed as any other income that comes into the household. I am sorry to sound big headed but i know what i'm talking about when it comes to this. I don't see it that way and i don't think HMRC would either. I admit it is a rare situation to be in, but it's not as complicated as it's being made out to be.
  15. You will not need to class any money from the account that is your friends, only if you had a savings account and you made interest on that. WelshMam2009 is right with this info, if you did have Other Income, you disregard the first £300 of it. The guidance for LTAHAW is not very clear and you're right, it does sound like they can turn it around. But the main point will be, as long as you don't class yourself as a couple, live as a couple then you have made the right claim. Put it this way, if a man and wife sepearted, cut off financial support for each other and lived by their
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