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  1. BuMp**** Is overdraft regulated under CCA 1974??? How can I ask them to produce and overdraft agreement as they are saying that CCA doesn't apply to overdrafts.
  2. I am in the same situation and I have already received a letter which says that overdraft is also exempt from CCA. Can you or any other memeber elaborate on what should be our next response or point us in the right direction/thread.
  3. Today out of the blue I received a letter a from DG Solicitors as a reply to my CCA request. As its been already pointed out here that CCA doesn't apply to current account their response is the same. They are actually saying that "Current account is not a regulated agreement because it provides no credit. The overdraft agreement provides the credit and this sits separately from the current account agreement" I have had an overdraft of 1000 pounds and they are currently claiming around 900 pounds. I have looked into bank charges from the statements and to my disappointment I have only
  4. Do they have the right to set off from my business bank account for my personal credit card payments??
  5. Hi lee and others No update on this thread for a long time. Just wondering if there is any other thread that you have started?
  6. Thanks for your reply johnnymitch. I have already sent a CCA request to Metro but as suggested by I will also send a SAR on Tuesday. I have not occurred a single penalty or charge until I was unemployed but they did add penalty and charges at the end of last year and some probably early this year. Is it possible to claim those charges or you can only claim the charges that were added before a certain date?
  7. I have today sent the telephone harassment letter to Metropolitan which I found on consumerwiki. Can someone please tell if Metropolitan or HSBC is bound to produce a CCA on current account overdraft? Thanks.
  8. Apart from complaining HSBC on phone I have also sent a CCA request to Metropolitan however I am not sure wether they need to have a CCA when it comes to current account? Meanwhile I am getting endless amount of calls from Metropolitan. I searched through the forum for a letter that I can send to them to stop these telephone calls. I have seen it before on this forum but cant find it now. Can someone please guide me in the right direction so I can send a letter to stop these calls. Actually my mobile is ringing right now while I am writing this message
  9. Do they have to provide the recording of telephone calls in response to Subject Access Request?. I am sure they have told me many times that all the collection calls and any conversation with financial guidance team are recorded by HSBC.
  10. Hi everyone I need some suggestion to decide what my future action will be. I had a current account with HSBC since 2004 with an overdraft facility of one thousand pounds. It was all ok until october 2009 when i was made redundant. By feb 2010, the account was overdrawn by around 1400 with all the charges and interests. I used to get calls from hsbc collection department and i told them i cannot before to pay because i dont have any money. Then by the end of february 2010 i was told that your account has been in collection for nearly 90 days now it will be passed on to debt collector
  11. I contacted TFL and they said, I need to contact Task as this PCN is with them now. They also refused to give my any further information. Need to go out and find a 3x2 stone now but its really frustrating to find that I cant do anything. Common caggers we have a chance to take our frustrations out...anyone out there?
  12. I understand that the most easier way to resolve this is to send them my statements and it all ends. but these people dont spare anyone if you are wrong and they will do everything to make your life miserable. They are wrong on this occasion and i want to give them a bit of hard time. If I complain, they will probably send a letter of apology. Can anyone give some legal advice here as to what can i do or my rights are according to law?
  13. but that will not give them any grief. In that case i think it will be much better to just give my bank statements to task enforcement ltd.
  14. Had a complete surprise this morning. A bailiff officer from Task Enforcement Ltd Crydon, knocked my door at 6:45 am. Luckily I was not home so my housemate answered and explained it to him. He left a letter for me and after a bit of research I have found out that it was for a Red route contravention which I HAVE ALREADY PAID. I made full payment to Task Enforcement back in september 09 after receiving their first letter. I then called the guy who also called me in morning when i was asleep. I told him that because of some inefficiencies in your system you have caused me so much of embar
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