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  1. I'm at a critical stage of arranging an IVA: pre-creditors meeting. I'm beginning to realise that the company organising the IVA are running rough-shod over my financial affairs and I am at risk of losing my business if they upset too many of my creditors. The creditors are at the stage where they're about to file for bankruptcy, although they probably won't, as they'd get nothing, but some of the smaller creditors are that dull, they just might. If I go ahead and allow this company to hold the meeting and arrange the IVA, and they continue to behave irresponsibly with my situation
  2. Hi, I just thought I'd leave a review of Killer Mobile software, if anyone is thinking of purchasing it for their mobile phone. One peice of their software, supposedly, blocks unwanted calls (BlackBaller). Their other main peice of software is supposed to automatically record all incoming calls (TotalRecall). Sadly, I have tried both of these programs and NEITHER of them worked. After continual contacts with their support team, the software does not block calls and does not automatically record anything. In all, the software only cost around £15, but it was £15 and a lot of time that was
  3. This site is useless. You can easily waste hours reading unhelpful wafflings from people who clearly have no clue about how to help desperate people. These Halifax charges have been in place since last December and not one person has added anything useful here. FOS are completely useless, so I wouldn't even bother writing off to them. Also, advising people to send off useless templates to banks who clearly do not give a **** about your opinions is just a waste of their time and adds to their worries. While you all sit here blowing smoke up each other's ***** there are thousands of de
  4. I've just passed all my stuff to a solicitor. I don't have any more time to waste trawling through endless threads on here, only to get a smidgen of correct information or direction, amongst all the babbling and back-patting for tiny successes. These successes are doing nothing to change the behaviour of creditors and DCAs. It's only the legal action which is making these companies sit up and listen. These companies need to have their asses kicked, and I believe that only a solicitor can do that. Yes, I'm going to have to pay for it too, but this site does not help the majority of people
  5. You can complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service, but they are as much use as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. This is all I got back from Consumer Direct: I have reviewed your case and it appears that your enquiry falls outside the remit of advice offered by Consumer Direct. I have checked the Financial Services Authority Register and Paypal is not registered with the UK it is EEA registered. As such, you can contact the UK European Consumer Centre for further advice on 08456 04 05 03 or [email protected] Please note that in offering this advice, Consumer Direct
  6. I was told this: CONSUMER/LEGAL ISSUES WITH PAYPAL OR EBAY? As eBay and PayPal are registered outside the UK, contact: UK European Consumer Centre [email protected]
  7. What's unrealistic about warning people at the point of sale that no protection exists if someone claims that they haven't received an item and you don't have proof of delivery? What's unrealistic in warning people that even if they do have proof of delivery, then unless there's a signature a refund will automatically be made, OR if someone collects an item then you must have proof that they collected it - at the point of making that agreement - ON EBAY? What's the big problem with eBay taking that action as part of their responsibility to the customers from whom they make HUGE profits? W
  8. I was also stolen from whilst using PayPal and eBay. When I tried to post a thread warning others about the low level of protection offered by PayPal and eBay on their noticeboards they deleted my posts, saying that I was using the wrong 'code' (eg HTML, C++). In other words, they used a pitiful excuse to delete my criticism of their poor standards.
  9. That's so helpful Buzby - NOT! Next, you'll be blaming mugging victims for carrying too much money. You might as well just say it - "It's your own fault!" PayPal and eBay have proved themselves to be far less than responsible in protecting their users, both sellers and buyers. If they are willing to take a profit from these situations then, like the rest of us in this country, they have a responsibility to protect those that pay for their services. Just washing your hands with consumer rights is not the answer. Wouldn't it be more helpful to suggets that eBay and PayPal, and all
  10. PayPal are governed by whom, then? Some items I sent went 'missing', but the buyer was too threatening and keen to get an instant refund to convincing. I asked PayPal for time to see if the item would show up, but they instantly refunded the buyer. Those items could well still show up. They also didn't give two hoots for me to make any further enquiries of the post office, they wouldn't wait. Also, I sent money from my PayPal account to my bank account, and then used some 'echeques' through PayPal (via my bank account) to pay for some items. When I asked PayPal specifically if they
  11. Pffff. haha. I keep forgetting to check the dates. LOL I'll crawl into my cupboard again. Bye!
  12. I don't know whether to cry, or cry. They've sent me this - a signed agreement. http://i719.photobucket.com/albums/ww200/runmonkey/Halifax%20CC/HalifaxAgrPage1.jpg http://i719.photobucket.com/albums/ww200/runmonkey/Halifax%20CC/HalifaxAgrPage2.jpg Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (:o(::::::::::::::::::: hehe. Any ideas anyone? It does look a bit sus with the conditions pasted on the back (a different size etc) It makes me wonder if they were there at the time of signing, or not. There is no signature date. There is no signature from their company. They got my date
  13. Fanx! Works good. Cool post too, shame it doesn't cover credit card agreements. Is there a post on here that is pushing for disputed accounts to be removed from CRAs? (Lack of CCA etc) I've heard one or two have had success, though.
  14. Hey, I read somewhere yesterday (on here) that you can be personally sued for breaking the law on behalf of your company. I would, personally, send the copy to the credit reference agencies and tell them to remove the entries.
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