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  1. jk.

    jk. vs hsbc

    hi folks... good news. got it back in full. glad i stuck it out. must encourage anyone else going through the process, its a good feeling getting it back!! i have two other accounts with them and will begin those claims. does anyone have experience of claiming for two accounts as one claim or should i stick to one claim at a time. incidentally i wrote to the service quailty team rather than going through the branch. this may help. The Manager Service Quality Team HSBC Bank plc, Arlington Business Centre Millshaw Park Lane Leeds LS11 0PP thanks for the h
  2. jk.

    jk. vs hsbc

    i posted he lba/settlement mix this morning, would have been easy to grab the offer but im thinking i need to wait it out. its not fair the penalties they are charging. especially as it hits you at the hardest times. thanks for the help. i'll keep you posted.
  3. jk.

    jk. vs hsbc

    i most definately see your point. and £269 is quite a chunk. i sent the preliminary approach letter on the 11 September to the service quality team and heard nothing. After two weeks I wasnt sure if they had recieved the letter so i sent the same letter into the branch. I then recieved the offer of payment on 11 october. I have yet to send my 2nd letter offering 14 days before filling my claim. I think i would like to persue the full amount. Do i then send 1 letter declining the offer and requesting a full refund? or should i keep the two seperate? many thanks
  4. jk.

    jk. vs hsbc

    hello guys sent a preliminary letter asking for refund of £1796.00 hsbc have replied offering £1500. its is tempting to take it for an easy life (and i am broke), but do you think i should turn it down and continue claim? jon
  5. jk.

    HSBC vs JK

    what i've noticed on the preliminary approach for repayment letter is that there are two amounts to fill in... 'I calculate that you have taken £XXXX plus £XXX which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £XXXXX .' I can only calulate one figure as all neither specific charges nor overdraft interest appear on my statements.
  6. jk.

    HSBC vs JK

    hello there. thanks for taking the time to reply.. sorry (more questions) im now a little confused. my statements (both online and in hard copy) do not detail specific charges and reasons i.e withdrawal with insufficient funds, they only include this 'total charges' amount for monthly periods. This ranges from £20 to £125. I did request that HSBC supply me with a specific instances of my charges but they said this would cost £30 in 'staff resources.' Are other cutomers able to see more detail on their statements? I wonder if the bank is omitting these details deliberately to
  7. jk.

    HSBC vs JK

    Hello eveyone. Pleased to meet some other HSBC customers. I have found this bank to be unhelpful, unsympathetic and as un'local' as it gets so best of luck to all those claiming something back! I am about to send my preliminary approach for repayment letter and have one question i cannot find the answer to in the faq's or this forum. On my statements, my charges are listed as 'Total charges to {date}.' This refers to a monthly period (2 months previous I think). I cannot therefore breakdown the amount into charges and interest on charges. If I include one total amo
  8. hello everyone, recently registered on the site, good to see people getting somewhere with these organisations. I thought that wasn't possible! i have been looking through the faq's etc trying to get an undersatnding of how this all works... cheers jk
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