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  1. My you are a fun soul, people are only trying to help you,why come on here and say what you are saying about standing up to them if you won't share how you did it,all a bit pointless really.
  2. To be fair you have come on the site making boasts and stating all sorts of things with no background or what has happened,the members on here are all willing to help but just to say you have caught someone red handed and are suing without giving the details is not constructive.If you share your full experience there may be things to help other members or even something you have overlooked and they can help you.
  3. Lol, has this not turned into one of those discussion threads that everyone is so keen to avoid. I have to agree that most threads on here are now just one or two posters going into fine detail about one subject or another often just a matter of semantics. If i were a first time visitor i would be a bit afraid to post because a lot of the discussions are way beyond what a person who does not understand the legislation can comprehend. Saying all the above though,when someone does ask for help the advice given is very good and helpful,but i have noticed that even after good advice is g
  4. [quote=mikeymack2002;4668358 Does anyone see a pattern here? Finally the Police 99.9% abide by the law Does anyone see a pattern here? Finally the EA 10% abide by the law Do you have proof to back up your statistics? I was lead to believe that if an EA was convicted of a crime they would lose their certificate and job,and you cannot become an EA with a criminal record. The police are a different matter More than 1,000 serving police have criminal convictions ranging from assault to burglary, according to figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. The data
  5. Seriously? if that is the case then the police should also undergo the same stringent tests, and before you say they do i will stop you as the complaint i made against a SGT and a PC took 4 months 3 complaints upheld the 4th deemed not to be a "malicious communication" as it was sent by the "police secure net" a total cover up were in any other sector you would lose your job, in this instance it was a smack on the wrist,this from the same force who had a firearms officer reinstated after he was bonking a married woman while he was on duty as a responding firearms officer,apparently if you le
  6. Does the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) ring any bells? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Association_of_Chief_Police_Officers
  7. I have not misinterpreted fact,the op stated he pushed the bailiff with his hand,this is common assault,my sons laugh was at everyone stating it was not common assault,he was not laughing at the expense of anyone . And please tell me why you think the bailiff was trespassing,it is not myself giving bad advice.
  8. Have you not realised that the police did you a favour, they could have arrested you but in their wisdom chose to de escalate a volatile situation where both parties (you and the bailiff) were hot headed and probably sniping at each other. My son who was visiting today laughed when i read your post out to him and said straight away common assault, but he also said that the officers would be very reluctant to arrest for what was handbags at dawn between you and the bailiff, but and this is the BIG but, you did commit an arrestable offence namely common assault, my
  9. The bailiff had entered through a closed but not locked door,which he is quite entitled to do,he was not trespassing as he had a liability order to distrain on goods at the property,The op laid hands on him,therefore the op committed common assault. The occupiers liability act imposes on the occupier a duty of care on any person entering his property. Please tell me how committing common assault on a person is within the bounds of the act you quote?
  10. I understand and sympathise with your predicament and i would also feel frustrated, and hopefully when you contact the council and they realise their mistake then no doubt you will get your money back. I was simply responding to the question of assault, and gave the answer, there was no malice intended just an honest answer.
  11. I know you feel emotive about what happened,and there are many on here that will help you, but on the question of assault you did commit common assault, i know what the PC told you and he was trying to keep the peace and avoid having to arrest anyone. But in the law as it is written common assault took place, a nd you admit this by stating you pushed him down your hall to the door with your hand.
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