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  1. But I don't have a "contract" with the DCA and they don't own the debt, surly thats means I'm not obligated to deal with them?
  2. OK, I just rang the OC, Vodafone, who own the debt, they are refusing to take payment and say I must pay the dca, I told them I wont be dealing with their dca due to them being incompetent and unprofessional, am I right in thinking I'm well within my rights to only deal with the owner of the debt? Thanks.
  3. Hello, I cant find anything about paperless claims, just stuff from other countries, she said I was wrong when I said a county court claim would be heard in court if defended???
  4. Hello, Just called these guys (FPC), they often deal with capital one debts, the girl was on about some "paperless" court and didnt seem to realise defended claims would be heard in a court, anyone have a clue what shes on about? (I have uploaded the call to the attachment). Also she gave permission for me to record. Thanks. Recording.mp3
  5. Almost the same thing happend to me (barclay card debt and lots of phone calls), I sent them this message through their website: "Hello, Not a business proposal, but rather something that you might want to read. I have a debt with Barclays, currently being pursued by CSL (lookup my account details with the info provided). Understand the following: All calls made both to and from any of my phones are recorded. This email serves as notice of such, the purpose of recording the calls you make to me is to place them on the YouTube.com website (publicly available) and
  6. Jesus christ, they are utter ****, this shows the banking industrys true colours.
  7. HA! Fantastic, Its always nice to hear things like this
  8. I am only paying a £1 a month of my credit card debt with them, so they woulnd't be happy with that, I have only ever kept £1 in the savings account so had no idea what would happen when a large enough sum to pay of the credit card was paid in, I have a good feeling based on what I have read that if I had kept the money in the savings account long enough they would have took it. I felt pretty damn pleased with myself this morning
  9. Here I am at 4:20am - it worked !! Money transferred and received by another bank. I have no idea if they would had taken the money but based on what I read online their was a chance, glad it's worked though of course.
  10. Thanks Bazooka, Ill send that letter, Ill also be checking my balance online at 4:30am anyway to try and transfer it out quickly!
  11. Hi, I understand that they can do it but I was wondering based on the factors above if anyone had any idea how likely it might be? I need the money to pay for more important debts/food etc. I am on a £1 arrangement and can't afford to pay this off all in one go like this if they offset it, I think Ill just have to set my alam clock for 5am and try and transfer it out quickly (assuming its not offset instantly by a computer).
  12. Hi, I have a credit card debt with Halifax for about £340 currently on £1 per month payments (been on them about 18 months), I have a savings account with them also, I made some money on Amazon and used the Halifax savings account to have my Amazon earnings sent to, they should arrive in a few days, trouble is the ammount Amazon is going to send is about £370, enough to wipe out my credit card debt, I am worried Halifax will take the money from the savings to do this, please can any one advise on wether this is likely given: * The debt is small at only £340, (do they still tend to us
  13. Now downloading... I always upload ".mp3s" and they work, guess zips and wavs dont.
  14. A direct debit can be reversed for any reason (direct debit guarantee), just ring the bank, say you want to reverse the direct debit and if they ask why just say its been taken out on the wrong date or seomthing or its the wrong ammount, the money will be back in your account within 24hrs (I have done this several times without problem), once its in the bank I would suggest taking it out/moving it to another account.
  15. Love your letter! I just upload my calls to the CAG website using the attachment feature when posting and haven't had problems from the mods/admin, would love to hear the call
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