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  1. Hi Ozzy, I dont think they could legally with hold your wages for hours you have already worked, basically because you have worked them and can obviously prove you have so they are legally obliged to pay you for your hours. I would think if anything they would have to try and claim back the 'inconvenience' money at a later date and it would probably be them that would have to go to court to do this which is highly unlikely given the fact that it is not going to be for that much, a small claims court would be expensive for them and if they are suffering under the current economic climate like m
  2. Wow thankyou so much for such a quick reply! I have taken general notes over the years of what has been said (for example when I went sick last year and was subsequently diagnosed with bipolar, on learning I was off my 2nd line manager made the comments 'oh what is it this time fallen out with her boyfriend?', 'hmmm 3 prozac a day seems a lot' she is not medically qualified by the way lol) and I also have letters I was sent. I will keep everything in future so everything is documented. By the way this is the same boss on learning I had salmonella food poisoning (which was diagnosed via a stool
  3. Hi, I would really appreciate some help and advice! I was diagnosed with depression in 2002, after having all sorts of anti-depressants over the years and seeing a counsellor, psychologist and finally a psychiatrist, I was diagnosed as Bipolar last summer 2008, this came at a time when I was off sick for 3 months. I am still seeing my psychiatrist and am still trying to find the right medication as the often prescribed Lithium cannot be given to me as I also have an underactive thyroid. When I was off sick last year I did everything by the book, kept in touch with line managers, kept appointme
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