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  1. Cheers Scott, I will when I start getting replies from them
  2. Found This from the csa website if anyones interested http://www.csa-uk.com/UserFiles/File/upload-here/manifesto%20all%20pages.pdf Check out pages 7 & 8 especially...lol
  3. PF, I was sending both just so there was no confusion, you know how these companies are, you also never know the cut and paste shop might do me 2 different copies....lol
  4. Cheers PF, Every time I copy and paste bits from word it put's HTML code in and screws up the justification... All my letters are sent from Word. 12+2 starts tomorrow...fingers crossed.
  5. Posted the following CCA request to : MBNA, RBS, Coop & Barclaycard... Courtesy of the CAG : Dear Sir / Madam, Account Number :- With reference to the above agreement, I require that you provide me a true copy of the credit agreement I am aware that section 78(1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 sets out clearly what is required to comply with my request and quote “shall give the debtor a copy of the executed agreement (if any) and of any other document referred to in it” For clarification I require a copy of the agreement, any terms and conditions from
  6. Right then sent the following SAR letter to : MBNA, RBS, Coop and Barclaycard : This letter came from the CAG.... {Your address} 11th April 2009. {Credit Card Address} My Reference: GB1/BC1/001/11052009 {Credit card number} DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST I understand that you currently hold details of my personal and financial information within your internal record systems with regard to personal credit cards. Please supply me with a complete list of transaction and charges relating to my hist
  7. Hi Everyone;), I only found this site on Friday after I had a "Credit Card Killer Company" phone me up called Claim Management UK Ltd; they wanted about 750 quid to erase my debt on what they called technically unenforceable credit agreements...! I thought it was a con, so I decided to do a little digging, and came across the CAG...Wow, what a find..... So I've started my own thread so that I can detail everything I do, so other people can hopefully check that I'm doing everything right and also just maybe other people can follow.... Also Just a bit of background on me, I
  8. Cheers Diamondgirl, Does that include cheques? I have done the first set of letter's SAR's & CCA's will get postal orders for them instead of cheques and will sign them with a false signature just to see if they copy it and I will photocopy the PO's just in case. Already got my next letter ready courtesy of CAG, will post any info I get back on a new thread. Then I will send my reclaim charges letter out as well. Cheers All
  9. Littletot, I am currently upto date with all my payments, and I was also wondering the same thing, my beef is the amount of interest I have to pay to all these CC's. Some of the APR's are now at 34%!!! So after they don't send the signed true copy of the CCA back do I stop or continue???
  10. Hi also new to this, I have a Mbna CC they have just hiked up my interest rate I've served them a CCA and SAR request yesterday. My question is does it matter if the card is cancelled surely the same agreement applies? Cheers Gaz(newbie)
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