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  1. Coming Soon .... The Good ( not much ) The Bad ( endless ) The Ugly ( just me )
  2. Sorry to hear of your problems,ijust hope one day Motability will listen more to there customers and that they can use other tyre outlets !
  3. My relation has recently had there Motability vehicle tyres replaced at Kwik Fit. Kwik Fit is the company Motability use for tyre work. All Motability vehicles tryes that are replaced, particular front tyres, are to include necessary tracking / alignment checks and adjustment. this is a mandatory operation and does not need prior Motability approval ! My concern is that some of the Kwik Fit locations are fobbing off Motability customers and Kwik Fit are also not inviting Motability customers to leave a review using TrustPilot, which is also against TrustPilot guidlines! Here are the details of my relations complaint left on TrustPilot ..... Motability Customer - Anlaby Hull Depot I have recently attended at the above location as a Motability customer to have my front tyres replaced and tracking adjusted. I attempted to use the online booking system for Motability customers, unfortunately this was not working, so I telephoned the relevant number to make a booking. I attended the booking in good time. On arrival I was greeted by Chris, he took my details and double checked my car, I explained to him that the tracking needs to be checked, I also showed him the safety sheet from Ford who had recommended this be done, he confirmed he would put this through the system for authorisation and see what Motability say. My vehicle was completed within the hour, however the tracking was not completed, the Branch manager used the excuse that Motability had not authorised the work ! I was obviously concerned at this and I made contact with Motabilty personally to discuss this. Motabilty took the trouble to call the depot. The kwik fit manager told them the tracking didn't need doing! Motabilty advised him of the agreement they have. I immediately went back into the depot and spoke to the manager and his assistant. Who had blatantly lied to me as to avoid doing the work. However by this time they had changed what they had told me and also told me they hadn't put through the tracking request as it didn't need doing. This is despite the depot seeing a safety sheet from Ford confirming the work needed doing, also any tracking work with new tyres involving Motability vehicles are now included. A lot of heated words where exchanged. I was also extremely disappointed at the way in which the manager spoke to me and was virtually fronting up to me! Once I was out of the depot and had simmered for a while I reported the matter to the Area Manager who took details and responded to me within a week and apologised. I will not be attending back at this location and would strongly advise any Motability customers to exercise caution and ensure this depot and other kwik fit locations are carrying out work to Motability guidelines! ..... I hope this is of help.
  4. Hi I have recently been unfortunate to have had some time off work due to illness, as such on my return i have been interviewed and asked to sign the relevent paperwork. This is normal course for all employees following absence from work, however, not all employees are receiving these interviews / forms, it appears that i am the only one due to my absence through sickness. Is there any grounds for action, as i seem very discriminated and upset because of this ? Many thanks for any help, advice in advance.
  5. Having a number of problems myself with Ebay, if you have exausted there normal routes for contact etc try this email: [email protected] This goes direct to the office of the president United Kingdom !
  6. If you could possibly let us know the Resort you stayed at, it may be worthwile escalating the matter with the resort director first, however, if you never reported the concern whilst on resort it may be that there not willing to investigate the matter.
  7. Hi, thanks for your reply, no email as yet, maybe i forgot to press the submit button ! been away from the forums for a long while due to stress etc... With regard to my Butlins claim this was completed during the early part of 2010, as both parties agreed with the judge to keep the details confidential i was unable to update the thread, but the amount of time it took to complete compared with the financial gain was nothing, i have learnt a valuable lesson from the whole matter.
  8. Can someone tell me why my reply was deleted from yesterday ?
  9. Hi and thanks for your question, looks like your question has already been answered, just a quick note regarding the 3rd named driver, this is only allowed on a tempory basis, ie maximum of 2 weeks, any other questions etc just shout out.
  10. Thank you for your further comments and for all the continued help, it is very much appreciated. My family members employers are known for picking on people for the slightest thing, dishing out warnings etc as soon as they can, they rarely follow correct procedures etc, a lot of the employees just take it and dont stick up for themselves. As this latest incident involves family, i feel i have to get invovlved and help them, they where considering leaving it and accepting the warning, but considering all the facts in the matter i feel and they now want to progress with the appeal, this will not only help them but other employees in the long run too. Many thanks again for your comments.
  11. Sidewinder - Thank you so much for your prompt and indepth reply, that is absolutley what they wanted to help them. Sorry for the long initial post, i just wrote it how it is and whats happened upto now. Ill post an update as soon as know whats happened. Many thanks again
  12. Hi Formal Disciplinary Hearing Outcome - Help with Appealing...Please. A member of my family have recently been off work due to sick reasons, on a number of occasions, this has been confirmed by the relevent doctors note. Unfortunatly they have failed to contact head office, they have rang there immediate manager on the first morning of sickness. There employee handbook, states that the employee must contact there immediate manager on the morning of sickness, but not to contact head office, there was a memo sent a few months ago, to all employees advising them that they should now contact head office as well as there manager, the memo was not an attachment of the employee handbook, merely a memo stuck on the staff notice board. They are also aware that a number of other employees are also not following this new procedure, but continue to inform there immediate manager, with no concequencies, they feel they are been discriminated too because of this, also there is 8 other regions in the uk as well as theres and they do not follow this new procedure. Any way thay have received notice to attend a formal disciplinary Hearing, despite less then 24 hours notice, they still attended, unaccompanied and put forward there case as well as mitigating circumstanices, including there health was that serious that they totally forgot to ring head office, another family member rang for them, the manager who was also pressent confirmed that a call was received from there family and the manager rang head office immediatly, they have also informed me that the hearing was a bit of a shambles ! After a delay of approx 2 weeks, they have now received the decision, they have received a verbal warning, which was stated in a letter given to them by there manager, the letter was dated 2 weeks prior to the date given, making the timeframe to appeal out of date, they informed there manager of there concern, the manager promptly printed another off, again with incorrect dates, this happened a further 2 times, so they now have 4 notices all incorrect. The points that there employers have considered are , not following the reporting procedure, they have not considered any of the mitigating circumstancies. It will also be on ther file for 12 months, the employee handbook states 6 months. The procedure was also fast tracked to the formal stage, rather then discussing the matter at an informal stage first. They are considering appealing because they have never had a warning of any kind for the last 10 years, the procedure was not followed correctly and feel discriminated because other employees have not been disciplined and other areas are not even following the new procedure, they have also not considered there mitigating circumstancies. Is there any one able to assist with the appeal proccess and how to set it out and what to state etc, they would be very gratefull for any help etc as they are feeling very stressed and becoming extremely depressed at this matter, the deadline to appeal is in the middle of next week. Many thanks for your help in advance, i look forward to hearing from you soon.
  13. Thanks for your prompt reply and advice, ill post a seperate thread if i encounter any problems for future help. Many thnaks again.
  14. Hi Just a quick question... ive recently bought a cheap lcd tv from Argos, using cash, the item is unopened and i would now like to exchange the tv for a larger tv and pay the difference, only problem is i have misplaced the receipt and cannot remember when exactley i bought the tv ! What are the chances of argos accepting the tv back for an exchange ? Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.
  15. Just come accross this story in my local media.... Bridlington's Naked Fish restaurant reopens after debt collectors mistakenly gutted it
  16. RIP Bob - Rooster I have been away from the forums for some time due to illness and have Just come across this sad news, my thoughts are with all the family. BBM
  17. Sorry to hear your matter has not been sorted out to date, Do not hold your breath on there reply. I am currently progressing through the small claims court, had a few court errors that have delayed matters, but now progressing finally, i will post a full update ASAP, should make interesting reading and possibly help others ! Still keep up the pressure on this company, youll get there in the end.
  18. Thanks for this information, i will certanlly be passing this on to my friend, he has recently had to use a payphone to make contact with the DWP, this was during the recent cold snap and for a considerable amount of time.
  19. Hi Sorry about the delay in responding, i will PM you the details shortly, any further help etc just shout out.
  20. I am not surprised that his email has been deactivated, or supposedly, due to the maount of people that will be trying to make contact with him, as the normal route of contact is virually imposible to make contact. The email address stated was initially copied from the Credit Services Association website, if it was not meant for public use then surley it should not of been made available on the www.csa-uk.com website, i have checked and it has now been deleted from that site. Whilst i have resolved my problems with Philips direct, i am continuing my efforts to stop future bad practices etc, that Philips deploy, through various channels. I will of course publish any future Philips email contacts when and if they arise, in the meantime i presume the original NPB email is still active !
  21. Thanks for that, it is not the company i thought it was, but still very concerning that incidents like this continue to occur. Please keep us informed of any developments, take care.
  22. Im sorry i can not provide you with more in depth advice, im sure other people will help you in due course. There is specific guidlines that care providers have to follow, these are very indepth and are there to protect the carer as well as the client ! by the sounds of your description, i feel the company has not followed guidlines and failed to protect the carer. Is there any chance you narrow North East down ? I am extremely interested in the name of this company, i understand you can not name them at this time, if and when the time permits please let me know.
  23. Sorry to hear about your problems and i hope you get things resolved. Ive experinced similar POVA incidents a number of years ago, they are the to protect the client, but in turn the carer suffers and i feel makes the carer more vunrable to allegations. What part of the country do you live in ? after reading your thread it sounds like a company ive heard about !
  24. Merry Xmas and all the best for the coming new year, to you too. Thanks also for all your help, advce and support, i do not think i wouold be here today without it ! the stress caused and subcequant depression i have endured as a result of my LA this year has been emense, i am now overcoming my health problems slowly and also seeing a dimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks again.
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