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  1. There was no notice other than the letter which they say was sent telling me I had 7 days to pay otherwise further action would be taken which may include bailiffs attending t0 take goods - as I said I didn't receive such a letter. The only other thing I received was the notice stuck on the car along with the clamp and a document pushed through the door telling me further charges had been added
  2. I don't know if this helps or confuses matters then. I'm employed by my partner (a non-driver) and the van I own is the only delivery vehicle we have - we do deliveries each day. The only reason we kept the van in my name was because our accountant advised us it was the most tax efficient way to deal with it. Does this mean I have a case or not ? - I'm a little confused. What about the charges, anyone able to advise on those ? Thanks
  3. Interestingly enough, I've found this on the councils own website talking about bailiffs and what they are allowed to do: What goods can the bailiff seize? They can generally seize any goods except: enough clothing, bedding, furniture and household equipment to meet the basic needs of you and your family. They are also not allowed to take tools, books, vehicles and other equipment needed for your work. A car will generally be viewed as needed for work only if you couldn't do your job without it and there is no reasonable alternative. Bailiffs are allowed to take cars parked outsid
  4. yes, I paid by debit card and yes it was 2 bailiffs from Marstons. What grounds would I give for the charge back - just the duress ? and how I do stop them simply coming back to clamp the van again ?
  5. Hi everyone, I hope I'm posting this in the correct place as I wasn't sure if it should go here or on the Motoring Group forum. I woke up this morning to find my van had been clamped for non payment of a council parking charge. I'm not too worried about the parking charge as I am in dispute with the council and am currently going through their formal complaints procedure - I realise now I should have just paid the fine and tried to claim everything back afterwards - you live and learn! However, I am concerned with how I was forced to make a payment to the bailiffs in order
  6. Hi all I hope this is as simple as I think. After several months of going backwards and forwards to my local bike repair shop the owner has finally admitted they have lost my bike that I took in for repair. However, he said that as it's an old bike and not worth much it's just tuff luck. Surely, they have to provide some sort of replacement or funds towards a new one ? Cheers for any advice.
  7. I'll scan the agreement and post it on here. I'm told it's unregulated as it was over £25,000 (it does say this on the agreement as well, but I didn't appreciate what that meant at the time of signing)
  8. Hi I took out the loan in January 2008 and made 10 payments and no I didn't take out any PPI. It wasn't explained what was meant by it being unregulated either - I only found this out when I contacted Black Horse to discuss returning the car I think the debt collectors are Whiteheads. Many Thanks
  9. Hi Blueda Thanks for the message and don't worry I don't intend going down that route again although I don't handle stress very well these days. Its good to hear I've come to the right place !
  10. Hi everyone I hope someone can give advice or point me in the right direction as I'm struggling to cope at the moment. To cut a long story short I was in a very sucessful job and took out a HP agreement for a new car (using the money from work under a monthly cash for car scheme). It was an unregulated agreement, which at the time I didn't know what that meant and no-one said it was different to any other agreement. Anyway, for a number of reasons I lost my job and decided I had no alternative other than to return the car to Black Horse at the start of November. I heard nothin
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