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  1. thanks for the reply: the gazumping thing is done and dusted, house if off market, sold sign up....so all OK here we were wondering if there was any legal body we can complain too as we feel we have been mislead over the sale of the property by both the agent and the solicitor acting for the sale...maybe the intervention of someone with some clout may get an honest answer which is we or anyone really wants?
  2. Long storey short: we have been trying to purchase a property since January 2010, its a big move for us we are moving some 80 miles. The house owner died December 2009, although the house had been for sale for some 4 years prior. The property was not disclosed to us as being sold subject to success of issue of 'grant of probate'...we weren't told the owner has passed away. We have bought this house 3 times now...being gazumped twice over with those deals quickly going sour, before at last getting a guarentee from the agent/solicitor/executor that they would not consider any fur
  3. many thanks for the reply., ....nothing yet regarding deposit scheme, taking your advice I think we may just put the landlord and the agents on the court order if it comes to it...hope it doesn't though but not holding out any hope now, but I will be happy with the just the deposit back. again, many thanks for the help
  4. .....we must of had the same landlord, ours has also been like something from a Sunday Tabloid exposure we are thinking of doing the same, as in you keep the deposit, we don't pay the last month. .....there is no record of our deposit being put in a TDS either
  5. thanks in advance!....there are so many TDS issues on here, thanks for taking the time to take a look at this one! I just wish to clarify whom is the responsable party for ensuring out rental deposit has been placed in a scheme? Maybe too much info here, but too much is better than too little, just use what you want and ask for more if required:) Notes: 1/ We took the rental on over a year ago, short term let, we then took another 6 months, then month by month whilst we wait for the house we are buying to be finalised...we never signed another contract after the first one.
  6. I'm a little puzzled on this one, has the dealer has repaired the car?
  7. It's a diesel yes? OK, assuming the garage is a good one and have run a diagnostic check and assuming the check shows no faults then it must be something 'mechanical'......and we would look for a lack of fuel. symptoms...sounds typical of fuel tank pump failing to pump fuel to the engine bay, sometimes called a scavenger pump, could be blocked or simply not running...but do try and run it with the fuel cap off, just in case the vent hole is blocked! Also, check fuel lines under car to see if they been crushed...jacking car up when having new tyres fitted, kerbing car bottom etc.
  8. ...still no joy...usual "yes I will send details etc", I now writing a letter to the landlord care of the letting agents....I can't see us staying a tthis property when we get to the 6 month break, it's too painful already, so if he choose to opt out then it's not the end of the world for us. This is a draft of what we are sending, any advise would be most welcolm, also do we also send a letter to the letting agent whom took the deposit? To: LL ‘care of’ LA From: Me Date: 17/04/2009 I am a tenant of residential premises at xxxxx under a Short hold tenancy. On 20/3/20
  9. 1) Assuming your contract is an AST and the property is in England/Wales then yes the deposit should be protected. Ask the agents for details. Sorry, yes it's an AST in England and just remembered (I was up at 5am...) we did ask the agent about the deposit whereabout's whom responded with something along the lines of "he is a registered landlord, ask the landlord".......not very encouraging....and they were so so very helpful when we were handing over a cheque;)
  10. yes, that's the one...I will give it a try again, I may have had some bad advice.
  11. Hi all, great site so very useful and some very wise and clever guys here to help, hope I can get some help and clarification on what is my first rent of a house, and to be honest something does doesn't smell right and I don't mean the diesel fuel...read on:- Brief history: We have taken a rental for 12 months, with a 6 month break clause. 3 months rent up front with 1 months deposit, some £4000+. We had to do this as the landlord wanted 3 months deposit and one months rent up front..... I wasn't too keen on this. I have a perfect credit record. House was advertised by a letting agen
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