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  1. After calling up Wonga due to them removing more than the agreed amount from my bank account for the second time (this time more than I even owed) and getting them to refund the money - I asked due to concern for them to send me in writing the agreement we had agreed upon especially as both times I called up there was no record of the agreement in the system. I was told it would be sent to my email address.... I said it wasn't acceptable as an email wasn't proof, to which he refuted. The fact that anybody can print out an email to make it look like it was sent by somebody it wasn't easily discredits emails and explained that I wanted it sent by post. He refused, saying that because they were an internet based company that they weren't able to send out agreements like that. I am astonished, a financial lending company that won't send out written agreements for repayment? How is one supposed to prove the agreement in court? If you're having issues with Wonga and repayment agreements, then it might be an idea to phone them up, notify them you are recording the call and ask them to send the agreement through post. Surely a financial agreement they aren't willing to send by post puts a dent in their credibility? Hope this helps!
  2. EBOY: Thank you, I think I'll do that! Yes those letters did indeed come, up until the letter before action they sent me. Ell-enn: That will be a big inconvenience, is there nothing else that can be done to prevent them dipping into my account? My bank advised me that after contacting the company I can fill out a Visa dispute form but I'm not sure that'll get anywhere. Thanks for the replies!
  3. Hey all, Basically, I took a Wonga loan out a while ago and thought it was paid back successfully however I started getting notices through that it hadn't. The original amount I took out was £150, 80 days later they are asking for £650 which I didn't have. So I phoned them up, explained the situation and we came to an agreement that I will pay back £100 this month, then £220 the next two months. Bringing the total repayment amount to £540. This was still extortionate but I preferred the idea of just getting it behind me. I double checked we agreed on £100 and got him to confirm. A few days later, they took £100 from my bank account in one charge then another £130 on the same day? Can they do this and leave me in financial issues after we came to an agreement? (foolishly not in writing it seems). I'm temted to phone them on Monday (of course they don't operate good Friday, nor the weekend =/) and tell them that as they took a different amount than we agreed upon and that it was over the original loan amount that the matter is considered settled? Do you think this has any chance of working? Any advice is appreciated - it's not that they took more than they should, it's the fact they took more than agreed and left me unable to pay some other bills this month which they were fully aware it would do. Thank you!
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