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  1. I am currently in receipt of housing benefit and child benefit (2 children) currently my local council take my family allowance of my housing benefit,i was led to believe this was changing this september,is this still the case and if so when will they stop using my family allowance as an income. kind regards kwakmanuk
  2. i know these forums are very buisy but when i started my enforceable agreement case i got answers thick and fast,enough to get me sending account in dispute,not paying the payments etc now i have an agrrement to be checked and some advice which way to go no one has said jack sh!t. does nobody know about these things,i am well out of my comfort zone with all this but have read many times people will be here to help and advise you all the way ,so what is wrong this time? i now have a late payment charge and a missed payment recorded with credit agencies,i know it is my fault for listening
  3. any news for me yet please i need to pay tomorrow to avoid another late payment charge. kind regards kwakmanuk
  4. hi just a quick question do you think i should pay the arrears on my loan while you check to see if my agreement is enforceable,thanks
  5. i have just noticed the page numbers on my original paperwork are 2/11 3/11 4/11 8/11 and on the copies i was sent it starts 5/11 6/11 7/11 the pages have the same info on them but different page nubers from 1 to 11 and also i did not get a copy of the signed one when i bought the car, does any of this info make any difference please.
  6. i have tried sell the car but the settlement figure is more then the car is worth, many thanks for your help i will wait to hear from you when the agreement has been checked, kind regards kwakmanuk
  7. yes i have the car ,the letter telling me i had missed a payment threatened register default with credit agencies,terminate the agreement and me to pay the balance,court proceedings to recover the outstanding balance,enforce any guarantee given in relation to the agreement.
  8. i have the original paperwork at hand and i have only got 2,3,4,8 no more and the original order papers from reg vardy plus an insurance if the car was written off it would give me back full purchase price not current market value.
  9. hi i have pages 2,3,4 and a separate sheet with terms and conditions. the loan was for a car and recently i phoned the laon company to take back the car as i cannot afford the payments,they told me i wasnt secured on the car so i can only assume it is a personal finance agreement. i do not know why i cannot cancel it at any time thats just what it states on the agreement. kind regards kwakmanuk
  10. Hi i would appreciate if some one could look at my agreement to see if it is enforceable,i need to make a payment by the 9th june to avoid a default strike, many thanks
  11. are these pics any better for you to tell if my agreement is enforceable ? thanks for taking the time to help me with this.
  12. here it is ,there are a couple more pages but these are terms and conditions do you need these ?
  13. Hi again i have an update to my story ,i have now received a copy of my agreement signed by me but where they should sign you can just make out an outlign of something no signature, what should be my next move please.
  14. Hello again, i have checked addresses and the letter i received this morning came from the same address i have sent my letters to.Capital Bank is part of Bank of Scotland all part of HSBOS. I have sent my letters recorded delivery and the have been signed for so they must have received them.Is there any more advice you can give me please.
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