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  1. I am completely at one with you on this skemdosser....oh yeah and Ms Lavender is at the top of my to do list too
  2. Hi skem I gave 7 days for the CPR 18 because basically IMO it's just question answering and 7 days again IMO is more than enough time. I gave fourteen days for the CPR 31 .14 No I"m not in the wrong address club with the NOA but they did arrive together in the same envelope and were not sent recorded delivery. Unfortunately I didn't keep the envelope. But no matter if I didn't sign it does not exist. And yes it's nice belonging to a club I will pop in later and subscribe to your thread
  3. Also whatever you do make sure you send recorded signed for. CPR 31.14 is 14 days from date of service ( when they sign for it) and CPR part 18 (should you choose to send one) is seven days from when served
  4. 5 [any other documents mentioned in the Particulars of Claim]* * delete if not mentioned in the Particulars of claim. I deleted this part but everything else applies. send to H L solicitors address Also I believe you have after ticking to defend 33 days to submit your defence. As yours is the same date as mine I have that as the 11th of August but you should call Northampton to double check..Sorry about the Fibro I have a friend who suffers with it too.
  5. Hi Leyla I received my claim from Sigma on the same day as you. will also be defending all of the claim. Today i sent my CPR 31.14 request and part 18 request to H L Legal..at this stage it's about wrestling things away from the claimant while you still can.
  6. Hi all. Yet another identical Sigma/ H L legal split monies claim here, received friday the 13th of July to which I immediately logged onto MMCOL to say I would be defending the whole of the claim and CPR 31.14 and CPR part 18 requests to H L Legal sent recorded today. It is identical to all the other claims seen on here recently but thought I would throw my hat in the ring in the hope that it may help others. This is an almost 4 yr old debt that Sigma have bought from HSBC. POC part only of monies due under regulated credit agreement between HSBC Bank plc and the defend
  7. I don't know what they are asking me to reply too..The points of dispute?? and will this contested hearing be a summary costs hearing?? What is the point of a 21 day time limit to serve points of dispute if the OP can just send it 2 weeks later and then whinge to the court? I shall post the OP's points of dispute later..basically they dispute all of it on the grounds that they paid me £400 in 2009 for the first action that they tried to bring and discontinued. They have had no point tried to negotiate the issue of costs with me on this latest discontinuance..
  8. Hi All In brief, Restons discontinue their claim against me back in August http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?295156-A-Cautionary-Tale-Regarding-Restons(1-Viewing)-nbsp On the 11th of August I send an E-mail to Restons advising that I would be pursuing my costs and the next day E-mailed my bill of costs..I also sent the bill of costs and the notice of commencement of assessment of bill of costs by recorded post. They sent back my bill of costs because it was a printed signature and not wrote in pen..In the spirit of cooperation I complied with a signatu
  9. Yes it is ironic isn't it. I was just thinking that this morning..Restons are normally pretty quick at settling up and probably the only thing they get right..I will of course be donating to CAG this time too and the other irony is that they managed to post a letter (first class) in response to my e-mail yesterday regarding my bill of costs but yet couldn't show the same courtesy regarding their discontinuance. I will be using that particular stick to beat them severely with lol Thank you citizenB
  10. Ok Bill of costs emailed to Restons....They are going to lurrrve me.....NOT!!
  11. Trout, will you send me a link to your thread too please..if only sometimes to offer morale support
  12. Trout I don't mind at all if my particular case helps anyone then it's an even better day for me I would like to think it's down to research and pulling their claim to bits wherever possible
  13. Thanks everyone I am still buzzing no pun intended lol without this site I would have caved into the intimidation and the underhanded tactics. My cage had been rattled a few times I must admit and was starting to think I didn't stand much chance..It would have been so easy to just roll over and let em get a default judgement..It was, as said before the principle of the thing win or lose and win I did for a second time will let you all know how the cost's negotiations go
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