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  1. Hi Tomtubby - no I don't have a car and I won't let him in ... So, is my best course of action to phone the bailiff and tell him this and offer to pay what will be a paltry sum, ie, £5 per week ? Also, since this notice is in both of our names will he have to halve the amount now that my ex has moved out ?? Thanks.
  2. Hi All - I hope you can give me some advice on how to proceed - I have been stupid in regards to council tax arrears and its a bit of a long story - but here goes ! I have lived in my rented property since 2003 with my then partner but we split up and he continued to live here as a flatmate. We have had council tax arears for a while, and I e mailed them several years ago to set up a payment plan - which I was paying to him (the ex) as part of the rent - he did not pass this along and the inevitable happened which was bailiffs action. He did speak to the bailiffs - he also has ma
  3. Hi BRB - I will need to dig out my contract but I'm fairly sure it doesn't mention a date on there - however, its worth a look.... The documentation I have is an exit strategy for this project with leaving dates for all staff - some are due to leave earlier than others, but I am clearly down as April 2011. I don't think that this is binding but I think it goes to show that initially I was due to finish the job so something must have changed that. Regards, NL
  4. I really, really hope so ..... No harm in trying is there ? Thanks NL
  5. Excellent ! I will do as you suggest. to be honest, I am not expecting much out of this appeal - they are a very large organisation and I am sure they have covered themselves, but I am getting a small kick out of at least not going down without a fight. Sad, I know...
  6. Thanks so much for your time BRB, honestly without the advice on this site I think I would be sunk. I will make the amendments you suggest (with the exception of who will take over my role - I don't know that, I only know that there is no way my manager will do his own donkey work). I know I asked this before, but should I ask for a copy of my personnel file (there may be discussions about my return or not to work) - under their HR Policy, I am allowed to request a copy. I will get back to you with any updates . .... NL.
  7. OK - attached is my redrafted letter - I will make a more comprehensive list of my duties (or not) - I am assuming I will be able to attend my appeal hearing where I can go into these in more detail. This is my latest go .... Formal Appeal Against Redundancy I would like to lodge a formal appeal against the Redundancy Notice given to me on Friday 30th April 2010. My reasons for appealing this decision are : a) I was originally hired on the basis that my contract would continue until April 2011 at the XXX project. I have documentation of this. b) Whilst I
  8. Thanks again BRB - I will put that in the appeal letter. I totally agree with you the reason for them wanting to get rid of me - i think they employed this other person when I was off sick as they did not want me back (I fought for my job back) and they have been trying to get ever since .... this is why I think this whole redundancy lark stinks. They clearly do not have grounds to get rid of me on a capability issue (since I have not been off sick with my condition since last year) so are trying to get round it by other means. I have never had a job description so that should be intere
  9. Hi BRB - yes indeed a "silly" mistake - no mention of my letter and no breakdown of any monies so far. Below is a link to my previous thread re my redundancy. Not sure whether this is a goer or not I suspect they will say that the other person (who was employed when I was sick) is doing a different job - he is certainly more senior and better qualified than me, but hey, they gave me the job first ! Anyway, below is my draft appeal letter - what do you think ? Should I just stick to the selection procedure line ? Many thanks NL. Formal Appeal Against Redundancy I would lik
  10. Hello All - Thanks for your messages. I have tried replying a couple of times now but it keeps eating my posts... try again. It appears that the money they have deducted is for 6 days sick leave taken at the beginning of April - I actually took 2 days sick leave (1st AND 6th April) to see my GP for anti-depressants ! They have taken this to be from 1st TO 6th April. I am waiting for confirmation from my line manager, but I suspect it will take a while to sort out. After my meeting with HR on Friday when I was formally given my redundancy notice, I have dedided to appeal (not
  11. I've made the changes you suggested - thanks so much ! I'm sending this recorded delivery tomorrow - let's see what happens next. I'll let you know. Great advice, thank you. NL.
  12. OK - I have drafted the following letter - have I missed anything ? "Despite numerous requests to payroll and HR to clarify the amount XXX claims is outstanding from an overpayment of wages from 2009, I have yet to receive any information or any breakdown of these monies. I agreed to repay the amount at the rate of £100 per month, even though I still do not know exactly how much XXX is claiming back. I have been paying this amount since January 2010. I received April 2010 payslip today in which I note that an amount of £1,068.86 has been deducted from my salary. I have recei
  13. I will keep that one up my sleeve then ! Thanks for pointing out my mistake - I have now edited.... NL.
  14. Hiya- just had another thought - not sure whether I should mention this or not in my letter .... when I spoke to the payroll company they said that this was my final payslip from XXXX. Now, whilst I have been told that I am being made redundant at the end of May, this will only happen IF they cannot place me elsewhere within the organisation - you may recall my previous post about this being unfair dismissal rather than redundancy - and this placement can happen at any time until the end of May. It sounds to me that they have been a little preemptive at recovering costs / final payslips i
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