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  1. I received their defense today. Time to give up? I got my deposit back which I am pleased about. But weasel words / phrases are there... is my accusation of their ill intentions with my deposit along with my obvious 'opportunistic' approach redundant to their "administrative error"? If this is likely to mean they win, why the hell do we have legislation that awards 3 times the amount? surely given it's triple any deposit paid, it will always seem opportunistic??
  2. I got a response to my complaint to mydeposits: I will send this on to my LA highlighting the key bits and request they settle the rest of the money out of court. Although i'm still awaiting the initial £550. Think I'll send it signed delivery too. They aren't exactly responsive to me!
  3. Can I just clarify that with you Carrie? I understand that right now I cannot claim legal fees. But if I loose and then choose to appeal, I can? I will ask them again for an out of court settlement. However, I am loathed to ask for much less that I've left to claim! Mostly it's on the principle. The firm appears as a major professional LA for the Merseyside region - yet the reality is they are a bunch of cowboys.
  4. Todays Hearing Result It was a half hearted result. The judge informed the LA that "not recieveing the papers" is a reason to seek a set aside judgment but not a defence for it. My attempt to ponit out questions I had about potential decption / fraud of the protection could not be heard as it invloved looking at the certificate, which would require further interrogation - that kind of stuff is for a counter-defence in the future!! The judge instructed the LA to pay me the £550 deposit back and submit a legitimate defence by the 2nd May. I raised concern that other cases i'd
  5. Interesting link... all be it against the grain. Birmingham is obviously the place to claim!
  6. Hey planner... good find on that deposit protection request. After my case is at an end (however it ends up!) i'll be complaining to mydeposits. They allowed a deposit protection to start on the 28th Oct 08 even though the LL had listed the deposit being paid on the 19th Oct 07 clearly way more than 30 days before the start of the protection!!!
  7. I see your point Carrie but I'm not detered. Later today (I can't sleep right now!!) I have the hearing of their appeal to ask if they are allowed to defend. I am being hopful that it won't get to the point of arguing the details of when and how they protected it. The default judgment was passed against them, and their reason for appeal is that "they never recieved the claim papers". Well, my task tomorrow is to prove attempts at decipt and foil their right to defend the default judment. On the time line of events.... the tenancy ended 18th Oct 08, my claim was "issued" (not jus
  8. Thanks for the support Steve, and thanks for that reference Carrie. In relation to your case, I am working with the fact that they have not repaid me any money, therefore 214 section 3 is still relavent - so even if it is a precursor to 214 (4), they should still be applied together in my case. I was slightly concerned about the N208 form stuff. MCOL is just an online version of the same form. Northampton County Court should support this in a clearer mannor to stop people "jumping" the law on a technicallity of a specific document! I think it's stupid... I will proceed non-the less!
  9. Ok, so to make a long story short: - Tenancy ran for 12 months from 19 Oct 07 to 18 Oct 08. - My contract made reference to the TDS and claimed that the deposit would be protected by them. - On "check-out" of the property, ( Fri 17th Oct 08 ) they nit-picked at things to take out of the deposit. The following day I decided to use the Protection Scheme to dispute this. - I did some research and found out for the first time that the LA should have provided me with a Certificate of Protection within 14 days of taking my deposit. I had not recieved anything from them. - I
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