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  1. HaHa Now that conjures up a great image- Needed a good laugh, thanks AA99.
  2. Hi everyone Yes basa mine is unintelligible too. Interesting thing i read on liberty/know your rights website which stated that ref to data protection act-if the data controller at the credit company states that they refuse to give you copies of your data you can request to visit the data controllers premises-is this right? Im also gettting confused. Can an application with t&c on the back be enforceable in court. Important as i m on the road to this(threatened with legal action by mbna). Thanks:confused:
  3. I m at stage of 'threatened legal action'. Can anyone tell me does the signature of the person selling me the card on the application form constitute the lenders signature. The agreement they sent me May 2005 looks similar to others i.e application form with half page t&c s on the back.
  4. Oh and thanks to citizen B for that move to debt forum-lots of useful info there.
  5. An update from my original post. Since i did cca request and s.a.r to mbna 39 days ago- I have received nothing from them apart from lots of telephone calls. Then in last call the woman said that an option is to transfer balance (4,100) onto a 0% card. I asked for that in writing. She said they are a telephone bank and i would have to pay arrears first. Question is, can i trust them? I don t intend to pay arrears first-is that right?
  6. Sorry to butt in-can i ask what the comms log is? thanks:rolleyes:
  7. Hi I have a question i hope some one can answer. I have a 4,000 balance on a mbna card. they hiked interest up to 34.9%, i m having difficulty paying. ( i have 2 other cards with less that i am managing to pay). i have requested cca and have sent s.a.r. That was 40 days ago-no sign! Lots of phone calls from mbna!!! I refuse to discuss it with them Last one-mbna woman said options are a) they can swope balance to a 0% card b) arrange a debt management plan I asked for this in writing. She said they were a telephone banking group and i would have to pay the 3 months
  8. Hi can anyone tell me whether i should pay my two missed payments. I sent off for cca bout 10 days ago. I m wondering whether if i pay i am acknowledging the debt therefor it it gets to court this will be held against me?
  9. Hi Gaz yes i agree its still same agreement. If i don t get any luck with my signed copy request within 12+2 days then i will send the template letter from this site which includes the section 10 of data protection act. The letter tells them they cannot pass info to credit agencies ( something they have said they have done already) and cannot enforce the agreement. currently looking for info on what are the prescribed terms & conditions within the cca.
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