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  1. They stated it it would be dependant on the outcome of the investigation of my complaint, so i shall sit and wait for now. Plenty to read on this forum will take at least a month to get through it all, that will keep me out of troulble...........maybe. Thanks for your help
  2. Part of the official complaint raised with the Customer Relationship Centre was to rectify the inaccurate information that had been posted to my credit file. Should i contact the CRA and notify them of the errors and try to get it corrected that way or wait or see if welcome correct it. If I wait how long should i give welome to carry this out? The stress and inconvenience they have caused me over the unauthorised transfer of these funds has been unbearable, it was only through finding this site and seeing how they are treating other customers that gave me the energy to see this fight through.
  3. Hello friends, i say friends even though this is my first post but after reading through so many thread posts i feel like i know so many of you already. Just thought i would share my experience with you all. Let me explain what has happened. I have 2 accounts with Welcome, personal loan and HP on a car. I contacted welcome upon receipt of a statement for my personal loan. 22 payments in to a 24 term contract of £68.71 per month, statement showed balance remaining in excess of £400!!!!!!!! Was transfered from pillar to post and then through to my account manager at the local branch. He told me that i had missed 2 payments, this put doubt in my mind so i said i would look into it and get back to him. Went into my bank and checked back through the direct debits and left with screen dumps from them showing that all payments had been made in full and on time. At the time these payments were missed according to welcome i was in terrible financial strife and had fallen behind on the payments on the HP car finance. I trawled through all the paperwork i have from welcome, including screen dumps of transactions on both accounts. Hey presto I have found the missing payments, something welcome couldnt do. The payments have been marked as returned on my personal loan account and transfered into my HP account. Contacted Welcome again to get transfered to account manager again, gave him all the details and he said he would ring me back. 30 minutes later call recieved only to be told that according to the notes on the system i had authorised the payments be transfered to prevent the HP account going into further arrears. I never authorised any auch transaction as it would have put both accounts into arrears costing me an absolute fortune. Do I have the word STUPID tattoed on my forehead. The nice gentleman then advised me i had authorised them and i was a LIAR. I ended the call advising him the error of his ways and that being a local office he is not to far away for me to come and pay him a Personal Visit to bounce him round his office and charge him £25 for the privelidge. Contacted the Customer Relation Centre and formally commenced a complaint. Received a call from them advising me that there were no notes on the system and the transations will be returned to the correct account, am now awaiting this to be confirmed in writing. Couple of questions now if thats ok with you guys. 1. any idea how long till the information is updated on my credit file as the information is incorrect. 2. Should i consider this closed or should i pursue this matter further. Is the transfer of monies from 1 account to another miss-appropriation of funds or theft?
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