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  1. I expect better brains than me will be along soon, But the onus is on Marlin to prove this 'PAYMENT' was made at that time, or send them a letter along the lines of ' you say a payment was made on this account in 2009, Please send me the following , If by BACS the account and name of the originating bank, the date, if by Credit/Debit card the 16 digit number from the card , if by cheque the name of the issuing bank, the date drawn and the date the funds cleared, A CASH PAYMENT IS UNACCEPTABLE hope this helps but as I say someone a little cleverer will be along and give you advice
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    Hiya All I do not want to give too much away, as we all know the forum has eyes from outside so I'll keep this short and sweet, after a year or so clearing other debts, I remain with one outstanding debt no prizes for guessing who now we all know the saga with 'Cattles' and their pet's, It has now been over 15 months since any contact from them and less than 18 months until it becomes SB'D, now my question Is, Do I let sleeping dog's lie ? I have not gone down the SAR route or a reclaim on PPI, I also have my original paper work. Any thoughts and advice gratefully received Ano
  3. Many thanks for the reply DX Have got reply from Link see 2nd post above
  4. Result ' We have made a Commercial decision to discontinue '
  5. FAO The Brig I am having a small prob with the above, After yet another call from these muppets, they seem to be chasing a SB debt They have been told that it is SB'D, they then claimed a 'Payment was made', as per a template letter from here requesting detail's, they have not responded, having just checked all 3 CRA'S the alleged debt does not appear !!!! Can I safely ignore from now on ? Many thanks Anon55
  6. This is a big bone of uproar in our transport company, as it has been pointed out time after time they are NOT fines only invoices, for clarification all, we collect them, but as the RK ie our company gets the 'Invoices' they are passed to Accounts for payment , it also states in our drivers handbook that we must pay to park on MSA'S I,along with others have tried to get the Company to stop paying, the reason they pay is, as a company they must keep records by law, unlike us, a private driver, so the only way it can be stopped is by us telling the company to tell the PPC'S who is the driver, w
  7. Thanks IHB , I daresay that as usual, it is just empty threats, I'll not say where I live but its south of Hadrians Wall
  8. Just for my piece of mind please all, Have yet again got a 'Doorstep Visit' notice from Muck Halls tame pets ie the desk next door They have both had a template letter regarding 'Doorstep visits, As we all know they don't read letters , both sent recorded followed up with e-mails, would those nice boys in blue be warranted if they do and I mean do turn up ? If so could this be construed as Harrasment under Sect 40 ?
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