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    The original creditor according to the paperwork is ALL IN FINANCE ,She has never had a account with them, apologies for the late reply work commitments unfortunately
  2. anon55

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    She received a Letter offering her a settlement, from a supposed account she had back in 2014, she has had no paperwork at all, she has not moved, She requested details which they have not supplied but keep on sending letters, she was advised to SAR them to find our exactly what was going on, They have sent paperwork she has never seen, She has no recollection regarding this, the paperwork that PRA have sent does not include any copies of the letters she has received, they have sent telephone logs of calls they were meant to h
  3. anon55

    PRA Group

    She has received the data from PRA, but it doesn't include copies of the letters she has received, from reading their letter it says thats everything, even I can see its not true, what she is asking is. is a complaint to the ICO in order ?
  4. anon55

    PRA Group

    Posting on behalf of a Female friend who is not a Techno Genius , She sent PRA a GDPR request, this turned up the other day, The letter with, stated that this was what they had on her, unfortunately there are no copies of the letters she has received nor does it include any copies of what they are saying is a ' Complaint ' She has written to them asking them to confirm that this is all the data they hold, according as I read it from the letter it is, I've advised her to make a complaint to the ICO as to PRA's shortcommings, would
  5. DX, no reply from my new address, but it looks like they traced me to get this, no searches on any Credit Agency ie Experion,Equifax, Call Credit, Noodle etc etc i am registered on the Electoral roll in my home town, as its a Public File anyone can see it
  6. The car was registered at my previous address, it was Sold a few months after, so you are correct in saying that was the address they used, it still does not explain 3 letters from them to my new address !!! including LBA, not for the life of me can I get to grips with them sending a MCOL claim to that address after them knowing my new address and it seems nor can anyone on here !!! its ok saying well thats the address they have but with their recent letters to me at my new address it beggars belief that something they had full knowledge of was disregarded in the
  7. 1 Date of the infringement 31/05/2015 2 Date on the NTK NOT RECEIVED 3 Date received See Above 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? See Above 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes Entry and Exit 6 Have you appealed? Have you had a response? No 7 Who is the parking company? EXCEL 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Peel Stockport
  8. My arguement is that I,ve had 3 letters to my new address from BW !!!! but the MCOL claim to my old address is dated after the 2nd letter i have already sent the CPR to them , even as a non legal type of person surely BW are attempting to circumnavigate the legal system by issuing a document knowing full well the contact address is wrong I,m tempted to contact the Court and point this out, Surely that issuing a Document knowingly it is False must border on 'Trying to Pevert the Course of Justice !!!!
  9. IT's your favorite PPC and Pet Solicitor Excel and BW Now for want of a better comment , Would this not come under trying to Pevert the Course of Justice BF ?
  10. Hello All, A 'PPC' who's identity shall remain undisclosed for the time being, I've had all the letters from them also letters from the 'pet debt collectors' now it has gone down the route of their 'Solicitors ' This where it gets interesting the 'Solicitors ' have been sending the letters to my old address , I then had two at my new address, I have been back to my old address ( It was my Fathers before he passed away) Lo and behold I have a MCOL from them to my old address with them knowing full well my new address, I have acknowledged the MCOL
  11. I cannot remember who the PPC is TBH, I think its either Cp Plus or Parkingeye, in regard to whether if they know if its a coach driver or not I drive Artics for a living so I doubt they will have much problem with me, but for the pure hell of it I,m gonna park in the coach bays next time I am able too , and have yet another argument with the ' Parking Attendant' Who for everyones information has a camera which films everything he does, this was after someone gave him a close up of the ground with his attitude oooppppssss,
  12. Ok All, an update on the saga that is Cobham Services after a Polite e-mail sent to Extra, I have a reply via e-mail from a Ms Perry who I presume is the public relations officer for Extra, she states the sign complies with the BPA code , you really cant make this up, I will attached my e-mails plus the reply redacted so no details are showing but don't think that it will be hard for them to guess who it is grrrrrrrr Surrey TS were notified but with their track record I suppose nowt will come of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i'm thinking to be the Devil;s advoc
  13. If the picture will attach, this was taken at the Cobham Services yesterday, now that'll be interesting in Court :jaw:Comments please, I was gonna stay long enough to get one but work dictated otherwise grrrrrr
  14. Update.............. Got a reply to the above letter , what a load of codswallop......................... Wont supply Contract, So they wanna play hardball so I can as well, dropped a NPO on both them and Landowner, lets see what happens, Court ordered them both to supply me with a Certified true copy within 14 days , bring it on
  15. I know renegadeimp just feel like playing with them, I also happen to know they don't have any rights over the land Not to much info on here but lets just say a friend of a friend of a friend owns it
  16. I refer to your Contractual Parking Charge Notice number: INSERT NUMBER I am unable to confirm at this stage if I was the driver of the vehicle at the date shown. I cannot bring to mind any action of mine that may have contributed to the alleged contractual contravention and cannot remember entering into any parking contract with you. I am therefore unable to make an informed assessment of the circumstances surrounding this case. Since I am unsure if it was myself who agreed any contract with you, although I certainly don't recall it. I am unwilling to make any payment on not
  17. As promised all it dropped thro the door !!!!! yippee, now I will Scan it up when I can sort the printer out, now all, how do we play this please
  18. I visited the Retail Park on Saturday with the other half spent prob 4 hours wandering from shop to shop and buying bits and pieces, the free parking is 2 hours and no return within 1 hour, I just know I,m gonna get one begging letter from them followed by even more desperate letters from their pet debt collection idiots now I feel its time to have some fun suggestions how to go about this ????? a soft appeal followed by POPLA with the sting in the tail ? I do know that they have NO Landowner rights here so are they P******* in the wind ? and also Civil Enforcement have the KFC franchise next
  19. You,ll get lots of scary letters from them, even some in 'Red' ignore all, Except stamped court papers' If you do get papers come back and tell you;ll get all the help you need, or you could try a Soft appeal and ask for a 'POPLA' code, then post here, and the members will help with the hard appeal, Please do not answer request,s from members via PM from those with less than 1000 posts, it has been known for 'some' members to try via PM and then give you the wrong advice PPC members etc etc
  20. I am still at a loss to understand your reasoning Brassneck It is not YL,or a Council ticket its a Private one, no regulations exist, so your argument is illogical sorry,
  21. DBC................. that's what I was try to ascertain with Brassneck in my previous post , as of yet no reply to the original question regarding how a PPC can turn a 'Invoice into a CCJ without going thro the system
  22. Oh dear which part of 'Legal process do you not understand ? I am unable to see in any part of your reply how a PPC can 'Just register a Debt at The County Court' without due process and just where YLM come into it is beyond me !!!!!! and this is not the place for attacks on a person, this forum is for people helping people who fall foul of PPC'S and their so-called threats............
  23. Methinks that this is a PPC 'troll' who does not understand the Court System, The PPC CANNOT just register a DEBT and then chase you for the money, there is a 'Legal process that needs to be done first, better minds than mine will help you if it went that far, which just wont happen as the OP has been told IGNORE
  24. FOA Lee, I have sent you a e-mail regarding the above would appreciate a call please number in e-mail Thanks Anon55
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