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  1. “We note all your comments and have investigated the matter. We consider that there is sufficient evidence to confirm liability for this debt and that the balance is due and owing. however, with a view to resolving this matter quickly and simply, we have decided to take no further action to recover this balance and will close your account” So they lied then? As i am quoting exactly what is written in the letter... I’m still going through paper work I have SEN children so i have an enourmous amount of paperwork! I've just located one the last letter about one of the mobile accoun
  2. Oops, not all will be statue barred. The credit card according to the paperwork I have... Last Payment was 11/12/2014 which seems wrong as I was in hospital having just given birth and rather ill at that point. I was very sick and cant remember making these payments to them. But as stated before 2 accounts are closed. Im going to continue to look for paperwork and come back and post so that the whole picture is available. I want to make sure I'm not messing things up.
  3. Thanks for the reassurance! I will file and wait for more threatening letters before I start to panic .
  4. Hello all, I’m a little confused by a letter I received this morning from Lowell. I’ve not heard from them since last year when after a bit of going back and fourth they stopped legal proceedings against me regarding a credit card account. They’ve randomly sent me a letter asking me to contact them! The issue i have is the accounts they have listed, 2 have been closed but them I have the letters stating so and that no further action would be required. The other 3 are in dispute and they have not fullfilled my CCA requests on those 3 at all. They would be statue ba
  5. Hmm well letter arrived from Sky today with my £50 Vouchers! So I guess I was right after all. Advice for anyone regarding this offer. Screen shot everything and if they don't cough up complain to the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) Note to Sky: Change the wording of your Terms & Conditions regarding Online promotions. So that it's clear that if you can't install the dish yourselves the offer is no longer valid. Don't string people along for months telling them they are going to get something only to turn around and say they can't.
  6. Mega baby brain, not getting much sleep with the new addition to our family lol. I did join online, I also asked them over the phone several times if I was still going to get the vouchers. Grove confirmed this and so did Sky. I've already been told by consumer direct that I have a right to complain I just don't understand why they have told me to use a certain template for the letter (http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk/after_you_buy/making-complaint/template-letters/supply_goods_services_new/). It's not making sense to me at all. Also no where in the terms and conditions does
  7. It's a long story so if it's ok I'll just post my communications with them. If anyone can throw in what I should do now that would be great. I have had some advice but the template was given is not making sense to me Ok here it goes. *********************** Original Message Follows: ------------------------ Enquiry Type: Customer service complaint (TV) Description: I have been a customer for 81 days. I joined with the incentive that I would receive £50 worth of Marks and Spencer vouchers within 40 days. I still have not received them! I have made 3 calls to c
  8. Lol, it popped up today after I added the address I was living at 4 years ago... Never mind. Think I'll cancell my membership as they report is rubbish and everything is duplicated and they say that I'm not on the electorial roll even tho I voted last month with my 2 poll cards! IDIOTS!!!
  9. I best check my Equifax one before I start to celebrate lol. I'm not worried about it, just concearned that Experian have f'd up. There is lots of other stuff not showing that should be showing and are current. My WFS account was not showing because they had me down as house number X instead of flat number X. That seems really weird.... Also have my last address wrong, the address they have does not exist and they wont change it
  10. Oh I forgot to mention, the CCJ was visable when I last had my Credit Expert account, back in 2008. When I was registered under my maiden name. So it's not an issue with it not being with this particular CRA. It was on my Equifax too
  11. Hello, This is my 1st post in this part of CAG so bare with me I have previously used Credit Expert and registered with my maiden name. I cancelled that ages ago as I no longer had any use of it. Anyhoo, I thought I'd be cheeky and see if I could do the 30 day trial again. I was able to re-register under my married name. So another 30 day trial woohoo!!! Ok my issues are as followed: The CCJ I was issued with for £250, thanks to British Gas. Seems to have gone It was issued in 2007. I was going to dispute it anyway as it was issued when I wasn't even i
  12. *Bump* Would really appreciate some advice before I fire off with another letter. Many thanks.
  13. Might just be me being dumb lol. I'll take it to my boss he's good with numbers. He daid with what I am offering them I wont pay off the debt this year .
  14. I think I may have spoke too soon. I'll post the statement tommorow. Thanks, Beyond. x
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