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  1. hi can anyone give me the template letter for cca so i can send to reliable collections and also can i claim charges back from them or shop direct ?
  2. hi godmother and scott they do admit not to having a signed cca but said they will put it on credit rating i said i just want to pay for goods as they were putting charges on when it was in dispute etc the want it all wont even compromise
  3. my n¬s not working on keyboard sorry should read can anyone advice me on next move please
  4. i wanted to pay them amout i owed and not charges and they remove bad debt of credit refrence as i need to fix mortage next january and this will show as bad debt , thanks for this help , godmother whats a ccad and i guess not with reliable collections just sent me this letter as shop direct sold them debt,what shall my next move be ? gratefull to you all where do you learn all this its amazing you brains must be like sponge soaking all info up where mine is a breeze block lol thanks
  5. anyone with any help on what to do next will be appreciated , id like to also thank everyone so far , im a bit dishearted as it seems i will have to pay everything and all its done is cost me fortune i recorded letters
  6. yes theres 2 debts that oe is from company shop direct additions they said they wont pursue thats correct and have put a unsatisfied on my credit refrence ,this is the other account where reliable collections have answered me as shop direct sold them the debt
  7. the letter was reliable collections its from them they bought the debt, how can i pay what i owe i dont want to pay 140 pounds of charges
  8. hi godmother i got a reply back from one company shop direct today they have passed on to reliable collections and have stated this the current oustanding is 199 the terms of repayment on which are 14.37 every 28 days the arrears of 57.48 and we ca confirm theres no ppplan. they refused my offer to clear account which was 40 pounds and oustandi stands the same .in relation to request for a copy of the excuted agreement true signed copy there is no requirement to provide a photocopy of the agreement it is suffient to supply you with a true copy of the agreement setting out the terms a true
  9. the The GodMother and IdaInFife thanks for your time and advice fingers crossed it will work .what do you think i should offer one is 350 and other is 200 owing.thanks again
  10. ok so i either pay up or shut up typical can i ask them to remove default charges and can i ask them if they are wiling to give me a settlement figure and if paid will remove data. what you reckon my luck on that one
  11. thats not fair is it , cant they be made to remove it why are they above the rules ? oooh thats made me angry lol thanks for reply
  12. i need help please can ayone help me on my next move im siking fast
  13. recieved letter from shop direct in reply to my letter asking them to remove data from credit agency files there reply i can confirm that as we are unable to locate signed agreement i should explain that whilst a court has power under section 127 of the consumer crdit act 1974 to decide that we cannot enforce the agreement, it does not mean that the debt doesnt exist. there is clear evidence of a credit based relationsh between the shop direct group and you.the debt remains unsatisfied and this wil be noted on our internal file for future, this info will also form part of our records at cr
  14. can anyone help me on my next move as ombudsman says they can enter information on credit agency .id appreciate any help in what i should say to them next
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