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  1. So after finding out this info yesterday i called the FSCS regarding my clain and the best way to tackle it I was told to call Welcome Finance on a number that is actually given on there recorded message. When i spoke to a lady i was told that she will take all my details and put me on the list, then within the next few weeks the forms will be sent out. She said they would be in batches as there are so many, but i am in the first batch to be sent out..... (now that itself seems pretty far fetched from Welcome) So i gave them my details and all i can do is wait i suppose?
  2. Can i claim back any fees charged for phonecalls from Welcome? I am currently looking at reclaiming my PPI then aiming to get the judgement set aside. Any info is Welcome (excuse the pun)
  3. Sounds like good news! I have recently been trying to initiate my claim back for PPi from Welcome who have totally ignored me, i have also asked for all default letters ready to try and get my judgement set aside. Does anyone know who i should contact now? The FSCS? Thanks guys n gals
  4. Hi again, I hope to have some more luck with this question. My agreement was signed with PPI by me 17 May 2007 The agreement was signed by a Welcome Rep on the 31 May 2007 Is this right? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone! I have posted last year but never really advanced. But i am ready to go further if any of you guys can give me advice wether or not i should and of course the best route to tackle this. I took out a loan for £2000 I was charged £978.63 for insurances which included PPI and Personal Accident Plan I never asked for these and was told that they were needed to get the loan. So i signed and took it, i needed the money. After a few payments i messed up - Yes i borrowed but burried my head and mised payments. It eneded up that i got a county court judgemen
  6. Hi Guys, been a busy year but i am ready to start my fight again! From my first letter to Welscum regarding my PPI they have failed to reply. So my question is, should i follow this up with another letter or just try to set aside and go to court? I am ready for it!
  7. Hi Everyone i hope you are well!! Anyway i took out HP on a car with these scoundrels a few years ago. If have ever been late i have been bombarbed with exsessive fees and in abundance. I tried to tackle these the other day and spoke to the infamous 'Rory' who again was a total prat! The heated conversation ended with me getting my agreement sent in the post to me for free. Looking over this i noticed that my 3yrs of statements i was being charged £30 for each late payment/letter etc. When my agreement arrived i had only signed to agree to £25 per letter/late char
  8. Well that is fantastic news, and i am sure a lot of people on this site would be grateful of such! I am quite new to this but ready to take the fight to another level. Please could you answer me some straight forward questions to see if/how i progress this. So far I have taken out a loan. Not paid it off Got a CCJ Got attachment of earnings Still paying this monthly. I have, Requested CCA Recieved CCA Noticed PPI (which i remember being toold i must have but was not sure what it was) Noticed i had another insurance First letter sent requesting PPI ref
  9. Thats the dream!! I would love to have that happen, not sure if it would bpossible, but i can see your point and hope that there further advice on this.
  10. Brilliant Stuff Major! I did not go to court I have got a CCJ which i really dont want on my credit file!! I would fight to get this removed and i am not worries about the fee, i would rather pay to remove it than pay welcome. I have a current attachment which i only pay about £30 per month which is not a proplem, but i would love to take it all the way and get it removed I will be a test case dummy!
  11. Major Player, Thank you for your advice!! I was taken to court by Welcome and i refused again to pay, they put an attachment of earnings on me. I have sent off a letter that djwigster gave me, regarding my PPI I am awaiting response. Is there anything else that i could do?
  12. A few years ago i had a car repossessed. Silly but unfortunate also. I am currently paying a CCJ and i know that this will be on my crtedit file for some time. Questions to the Experts. When the car was taken and then sold on, is there a procedure that ensures the car is not sold below market value? I feel the debt i am paying is because the car was sold a lot less than it was worth. Can i do anything about this or am i clutching at straws? R:)
  13. Brilliant, i will send the letter from djwigster today, thanks for your advice Ozzy much appreciated. If you can give me any more pointers on some of the other points in my thread that would be great!! Thanks again
  14. Hi there, Joining in your thread, i am just about to start applying for my CCJ to be set aside, i have been mis-sold PPI and accident insurance. Would this document benefit me? How wold i get hold of it? Cheers
  15. I would be interested in viewing this letter, i am in a similair situation. Any advice is duly grateful
  16. *bump* Any help on CCA would be gratefully appreciated I have * Requested CCA * Recieved CCA * Noticed Charges PPI and Insurance * Got help from djwigster in draughting a letter I am ready to send out the letter for the mis-sold insurance/PPI Questions. Do i need to put figures in or will Welcome tell me what they are refunding? If agreement is wrong or feees added and included with interest, is this a different letter that i would send at the same time? Thanks in advance for your expertise in this matter
  17. I beleive i was incorrectly sold PPI and insurance as i was told that i must have this to proceed with the loan. I have never seen any policy and was never informed of any policiy, i also never gave them any details of my health status. I maybe clutching at straws but i am hoping that i can somehow get this CCJ set aside. My CCA is in the link below if this will help you, i am very new to this and have never claimed for anything before, but this forum has given me the voice to speak out. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-finance/246021-recieved-my-cca-see.h
  18. I am planning to take Welcome to court to set aside my CCJ with Welcome ASAP. From following threads i feel i may have:- Mis-sold PPI Mis-sold Accident Insurance Charged Intersted on both above Charged interest on a £75 Set up fee Not recieved any default notice. Over £400 in unaccountable charges. I have put up my CCA in another thread and was wondering if anyone can help me? I am willing to but in time effort and money to ensure that i get my CCJ set aside. Thanks in advance
  19. Thank you very much for taking time to look over my accounts. I will start the PPI claim immediately, as for the charges that have been added to my account, i really cannot understand where they have come from and what they mean. As for the date Welcome Rep signed, it seems it was after the 14 days cooling off period, is the wrong? Cheers again djwigster
  20. Sorry about that hope i have fixed link
  21. Just something i spotted, i signed 14 days before Welcome rep did. Does this mean i would not of had a cooling off period?
  22. Hi, Hope you are all well? I have finally recieved my CCA with some interesting reading, i did not even know i had been sold PPI!! Anyway i will upload all my agreement and i would be so grateful if someone could help me on my way with sorting these lot out! Do the figures add up? Was i missold PPI? Do i have a chance of getting this set aside or binned? Kind regards, R
  23. I am new to this site but have been following for a while. From my education on here, if you require your agreements and all other paperwork that goes with it, then you must request a SAR (subject Access request) if you look in the letter templates, there is on in there for you to use. Follow each instruction thoroughly, ie recorded delivery and postal order numbers etc.
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