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  1. Hi Caggers Thought I would update everyone with my fight with Cap1 After bemused letter sent ln Nov'09 to Fredrickson's, they wrote informing me that the account has been placed on hold until further notice An unbelievable 6 months passed before I received a "Letter Before Action" from Fred's in June'10 with all the usual threats about court fee's, solicitor charges and interest etc etc, of which I replied immediately informing them that the account has been on hold since Nov'09 As per the norm I had no reply, and yet another "Letter Before Action" was received in July
  2. Thanks once again Cerberusalert Today I have received a letter from Fredricksons demanding immediate payment, I have been ignoring the phone calls as usual. CapQuest seem to have given up, does that mean Fredricksons have bought the debt ?????? In the meantime I will send the "Bemused Letter" as this seems to a good response. Gordy
  3. Hi Miss Strawberry The best way is to not answer any calls from them as they only want you to pay over the phone, if they do catch you out just refuse to give them any security information. Always correspond in writing and send any letters recorded delivery and print one out for your records with the Post Office receipt clipped to your copy and when you track it on Royal mails website you can write on the receipt when it was signed for. Then when you follow up with another letter you can state the date when any previous letters sent were signed for, this way they know you are recordi
  4. Hi All Finally after 3 seperate "Account in dispute" letters and nearly 5 months after my original CCA request, Cap1 have sent my alleged agreement. They said that they were sorry I didn't receive it in Sept (Funny I never received it) although they state that it is not required under Section 78 of the CCA 1974 ?????? They forgot to apologise for insisting they never received my payment, it was only after I told them the date they cashed the PO that they investigated it and said they received it (What Incompetence) Can anyone advise on the agreement they sent me, they also attac
  5. Hi All Just thought I would update everyone with my fight with Cap1 Since I sent the bemused letter to CapQuest, I spoke to someone only once who could not answer any of my questions and said that the account would be put on hold until end of Sept. Heard nothing from them since until I had a letter from Cap1 explaining that their "Specialist Team" sent their final response to my request in Sept (INCORRECT) and that they do not intend to continue with protracted correspondence of this matter. They also said that I need to pay monies to CapQuest and that they will continue their collec
  6. Received a response from FTC (CapQuest) to my bemused letter I sent, they have put my account on hold till end of Sept whilst they investigate the matter. Isn't that nice
  7. Hi DD I can't see Cap1 agreeing to letting you go to their offices and view your aggreement, but if they do let me know !!!!! Where's the Cap1 fan club on here, had a quick look but no luck need to go to work now Gordy
  8. Hi Hippo11 Send it recorded delivery and don't sign it to..... MBNA Customer Assistance Dept Wrexham Road Chester Business Park Chester CH4 9FB Good Luck
  9. Sent the "Bemused" letter to CapQuest on Friday 11th Sep which should keep them busy. Spoke to Royal Mail today and they confirmed that the Postal Order I sent with my CCA request was cashed on 22nd June !!!!! Funny that they sent me 2 letters saying that they have no record of receiving the £1.00 fee. The information is now logged for future reference, all part of the game I suppose
  10. Hi Cerberusalert Thanks for that, will do
  11. I have received today a letter from FTC Total Credit Management saying that they have been appointed by Cap1 to secure the outstanding amount by 31st Oct or they will instruct DCA's who will use varying stetegies to recover the alleged debt !!!!! I think I will send them my correspondence with Cap1 "CCA etc" and inform them that the account is in dispute and also that they have failed to respond. Anyone else at this same stage ?????
  12. Hi All First things first, I have donated to this amazing site which I have been viewing for some time now, keep up the good work, Here goes for my first posting. I will try and keep this as short as possible June: CCA request sent c/w £1 PO, unsigned and recorded delivery June: Letter received from Cap1 requesting I pay £1 "I'm confused :shock:" July: Account In Dispute letter sent explaining thatmy £1 PO was enclosed July: Letter received explaining that they have no record of payment received although they failed to mentioned this in their 1st letter
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