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  1. welcome you're in the right hands here
  2. langster if you filed an embarassed defence because they ahdn't supplied the doc's you need then surely that kills any prospect of a SJ
  3. langster thank you for clarifying this point for me PF must have been really unlucky to have got caught up like this
  4. langster once i get the court case out of the way i will definately have to look into this .. i feel that they haven't finished yet and it would be better if i have as much against them as possible i do have proof of their wrong doings so far but never really thought about any complaints as my head is wrapped around my own case at the mo i'll probably come back to you at a later date for some help with this thanks
  5. thank you langster i was under the impression that you could only get a SJ after a court hearing where for instance the defence had lost the case ... so who decides if the SJ goes ahead then and why bother with the defence if they can just get what they want
  6. CHEEK! they really are the most slipperyest load of sods you're ever likely to meet, the tricks they've pulled on me, i've had to verify everything with the court honestly it's quite surreal they've sent letters to say that they've 'done this ' ' sent that ' when they haven't luckily the courts aren't of this calibre ....yet
  7. vint are you saying that even though one submits a defence they can still get a SJ?
  8. langster do you work for optima ... you seem to know a lot about the internal wranglings of the place? just wanted to know what team you're batting for ...ta
  9. well put vint you've summed it up in two lines ....lucky for us eh?
  10. i can understand why MBNA aren't using them again they're very sloppy if my case is anything to go by, they are used to just walking into court getting a SJ with no show from the defence. i've got a court date for my MBNA case i'll report more after it, how's yours?
  11. hi vint i just wanted some advice in one of my other cases i'm gonna go for a strike out as 'THE BAR HAS COME DOWN' they haven't replied to my defence i've filled in the n244 and i phoned the court to find out about the fee apparently there are two fees £75.00 for A HEARING or £40.00 for no hearing any ideas ?
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