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  1. REQUEST FOR FUTHER INFORMATION UNDER CPR PART 18 This is a request made on 15 April 2009 by the defendant for further information. The Defendant expects a response by 20 April 2009. Two requests have been sent already and no response has yet been received. I am not able to file my defence until your response has been received. General Issues 1. Please provide full details of how did the Claimant obtained the contact details of the Defendant? 2. How long has Mr X worked for Ten Alps publishing? 3. Is Mr X still employed b
  2. UPDATE: A legal friend of mine created a list of CPR Part 18 questions to send to the claimant. The following post will list these questions with names removed for reference. The court granted me an extension on the deadline, as this was all last minute. The claimant received the following questions, and after a couple of days rang me to say they were dropping all charges and were choosing not to answer my questions. I received a form from the claimant detailing this, which i was to sign and return. I have not heard anything else yet, but part of the judges order said that if the ans
  3. Thanks 42, todays the day so I will keep you all updated on the outcome of this mess, Thanks again all for your input over the last few days
  4. The Defendant strongly denies any contractual agreement with the claimant. The Claimant has based their case on an email confirmation, which was a return email sent to The Claimant by The Defendant. In the original email sent by The Claimant outlining all clauses of their claimed original contract one of the terms was to be a 6 month website button, to be placed on The Claimants website linking back to The Defendants. This was to run from 30/06/08 until 31/12/08. This never materialised, and as such would leave The Claimant in breach of any claimed contract, rendering it void. This clause is i
  5. 1. The Defendant denies ever having been indebted to £2,510.07 and denies any business relationship with Ten Alps Communications LTD. 2. The Defendant repeats paragraph 1 of his Defence and denies a debt to the Claimant. 3. The Claimant's claim to be entitled to £2,510.07 for debt, to statutory interest or to any monetary or other relief of any kind is denied. 4. The Defendant denies having any signed agreement with the alleged creditor. 5. This whole situation arose from a cold call The Defendant received from the Claimant on 10/06/08.The Consumer Protection (Distance
  6. Hi 42, They dictated the email to me on the phone, which i sent saying i confirm i will go ahead. At the time i thought nothing off this, however i now know different. Hopefully the judge will be lenient in that I was only 19, and the sales person made a cold call to someone he would of been clearly aware of had know idea what he was doing. The salesman did however make it clear that a contract must be signed, which he sent me to sign. The small print on this contract stated that this document consituted the contract. I never signed this and never returned it which they are aware of,
  7. Hi DG, The info requested by 42man is that which i have posted above. That small paragragh is the Claimants Particulars of Claim beleive it or not. All that follows is a list of the amount claimed inc. interest etc. In reference to the claimant saying full particulars have been issued prior to the claim being filed, all I can imagine is that they are referring to the correspondance I detailed in my first post, as nothing else has been delivered. Thanks again for everyones input
  8. I have now got hold of the particulars of claim which state: The claimants claim is for services rendered in respect of advertising, to the defendant by the claimant at the defendants written request. The claimant confirms they have fulfilled all contractual obligations of which full particulars have been delivered before this action was commenced. This then goes on to list the amount being claimed for. No other documents were attached to this.
  9. After spending some time reading up, I am coming to the conclusion that at this late stage a CPR 31.14 would be of little or no use, as I have to file a defence the day after sending it so would have no reply anyway. Is this right? Also, without having the papers to hand I would not know whether a 31.14 or a CPR 18 would be more appropriate? Am I right in thinking that at this stage I need to get the best defence I can together for submission? Or should I continue along the CPR 31.14/CPR 18 request route? Does anyone have any more info on a CPR 18? Are there any templates for filing
  10. Thanks GK and 42, I guess I should get something finished for Tuesday and then make any neccessary alterations before submitting the Final documents.
  11. Thanks you very much everyone for your help. I have tried getting the papers, but they are locked in a flat no one has access to until tuesday. Basically I cannot do anything without these papers, but am I right in thinking i should do my best to get a CPR AND a defence together over the weekend? Is there anything that matters if a defence and a CPR are submitted at the same time? When I do get the papers on Tuesday, I can amend both the Defence and the CPR to tie in with the Particulars of Claim, and then send the CPR Special Delivery on Tuesday to arrive Wednesday, and f
  12. Hi, My Dad took the court papers to read and has gone away for the weekend, I didnt realise how important they would be. I have just returned from a 2 hour round trip to the court the papers were issued from to find it closed at 12pm for the bank holiday. Is there anything I can do in the mean time? should i be getting the CPR request together? I can have this sent special delivery on tuesday to arrive for wednesday, which is still within the deadline for my defence. should this CPR be sent before my defence is filed? I take i should still file my defence by the deadline no matter wh
  13. Hi GK, It is not online, and is not from Northampton. I will try and put a CPR request together now, however I am still slightly unsure as to what I am asking for in it? does the CPR request need to be sent before the defence, and is it sent to the person mentioned on the court papers as the claimants representative? Thanks ColeCC
  14. Hi GK, The defence is due next Thursday but I am looking to complete it by next Tues. Basically is the CPR 31.14 a list of requests I am sending to the claimant? Am I asking for all the info which was omitted from the original court documents? Should this letter be addressed to the person representing the company named on the papers? Thanks again GK for taking the time to help me, it is appreciated.
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