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  1. Liz Southern Just won against CapQuest for £300.00
  2. Hi I have had occasion to deal with Insolvency, and I understand the position to be that if you are in negative equity you can immediately ask the Official Receiver to revest the beneficial interest in your property back to you. You will need to provide a written valuation from an estate agent and pay the OR about £510 from someone else's bank account. If you produce about £510 in cash for example [£1.00 for the property value and the rest legal fees], the OR will take it into the bankruptcy pot. (May I suggest that anyone who needs to, should call the Insolvency Gov Enquiry Line o
  3. Hi If you don't mind my asking, if you had a house, what happened to it? Regards Liz Southern
  4. Hi Peeps Look, I do apologise because I'm really busy and I haven't the time to look back through all the thread, but can you tell me why you're thinking of a Part 8 -that's N208 - at all? Or taking out a fresh claim, rather than putting in a substantial defence on facts to the case Amex have against you? If you take our your own claim, you will end up paying court fees when there is no need. There are no fees payable when you are defending a claim. Could you tell me where you have posted Amex's particulars of claim on this site, and I will have a look at it. The reason I'm
  5. Unfortunately any claimant must pay a court fee. If you are the Defendant you don't pay a fee. This would include Amex taking out a claim against you (N1) and you defending it. If you are a Defendant making an application for a judge to make an Order which doesn't need a hearing it's £40.00. A Set Aside application to a Statutory Demand is free (the accompanying Affidavit is also sworn for free at the Court office counter). If you wanted to file and serve an amended defence or Further & Better Particulars you could try writing to the judge by normal letter. Sometimes the
  6. Do I have a hope? There's always hope, but I suggest you amend slightly. The defendant being a layman and litigant in person and without the knowledge or assistance of legal advice while under a debt management plan naively tried to negotiate with the claimant, in error and ignorance of the court procedures. The Defendant took advice from a debt management company which led to the Defendant submitting his/her admission. The Defendant has since then taken legal advice and contends that his rights were compromised by previous unprofessional advice. As a result of the rece
  7. Belatedly, well done, Starling. Anyone noticed that Capquest's licence expires on 6th January 2010? Liz Southern
  8. Sorry haven't replied sooner. Am extremely busy. I agree with alisindebt, make a formal complaint to the DCA, as suggested by Alisindebt, and if they are alleging that they have purchased the debt from Egg, (can't remember thread, apologies) add the sentence, please provide a certified copy of the Notice and Deed of Assignment. In your letter also add that you are making a complaint to the OFT with a view to having their trading licence revoked. Then write to the OFT complaining about their behaviour. LS
  9. Hi Peeps, If by SPML you mean Southern Pactific Mortgage Ltd, they are owned by Lehman Brothers (American company - in trouble). It sounds as though your mortgage was mis-sold to you. You NEED a solicitor or Claims expert who knows what he/she is doing, to enter a defence or indeed, a counter-claim, against SPML. What a mortgage company will tell you is that they don't have to tell you that they have sold your mortgage on to another company. However, you can enter a Defence to any repossession proceedings by SPML that they don't have the right to repossess you, on the basis that once the mor
  10. "hungry" for "green shoots" - oh, very good.
  11. Tip my scales, people, if I've given you good advice, pleeeese. I'd like more green things. I don't have a headache either at the moment, DD, (ignoring what you really meant! ) and I'm getting hungry. Maybe I'm getting better!!! yeeeah. But maybe I'm not, cos I'm sitting here in a t-shirt, boiling hot and my other half's got layers and layers and layers on, and says it's freezing!!! Men, eh!! Maybe he's got man-flu. ha ha. Bye Liz
  12. Hi peeps I want another little green thing. What are the little green things? Liz
  13. Hi Peeps Your mortgage provider can apply straight to the county court for an eviction order. They will then serve Notice of Eviction form on you. Once you get this, don't waste any time, get a solicitor or (I hate to say this again) an independent claims and debt management co in your area [not touting]). Either of these companies will talk to your mortgage provider and immediately get a hearing at the county court to stop the eviction (by using a solicitor or barrister attached to them). The district judge can order that the arrears payments continue. In fact, the judge can make any n
  14. Hi Peeps Gallahad's is a valid point, but an independent claims and debt management company (I work for one, not touting!) will never tell you to admit any debt. You always deny it all. You send back the acknowledgement of service, you put in a defence, and fight your corner. Independent C&DM companies will give legal advice, and have solicitors & barristers attached to them for the Court work. Your lady who got a CCJ against her? If she didn't have legal representation she can apply to have it overturned. Bye Liz
  15. Absolutely Right, DD. Hello, by the way. Liz:)
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