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  1. All's well that ends well. He charged a bit extra but also topped up the car with anti freeze and did a little welding job on the exhaust all included. Seems he is a decent bloke after all (even though it took him a while to get it done!). It's a shame that all the rouges out there give everyone a bad name and make people like myself automatically assume they're going to be ripped off : (
  2. He did say he would be changing the tensioners etc but when I asked about changing the water pump he said that there's no need to on this model (Focus1.6 Zetec)?? Does that sound right? Price wise he does come in well under other garages in the area and has done a decent job in the past so fingers crossed he finally gets it sorted.
  3. He did mention on the Friday when I went around that it might cost "a bit more". The fact that he said it would be done Friday was the main consideration as my girlfriend relies on the car to get to work and public transport is not an option due to the location and distance. By shear luck I'm off work today so I could give her a lift in but after that we're stuck if it's not done! The thing that's set me off is the fact we told him all this and he promised to ring us and let us know but didn't.
  4. Hi Helios and connif, I do appreciate the fact that it has been a bad job for him and I'm quite prepared to pay a little extra for the time it's taken. The original price was asked for by me as a "quote" as I was shopping around at the time, the garage owner gave me an exact figure of £211.70 for the belt change. Given you both sound experienced in this area what would you consider a fair charge for the extra time? I'm thinking no more than an hours labour, I just want to know where I stand if he takes the proverbial. Thanks
  5. Ha ha yeah I know I get carried away sometimes! I just hope he gets the damn thing fixed if anything untoward happens I will post it here. Thanks for the help
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. That's pretty much what I thought, I'm going to call in tomorrow and see what's going on. He did say he was planning to weld something onto the bolt in order to free it but I'm just concerned that if it's taken him this long already that he might not be able to do it. The guy is an experienced mechanic who's been there for years but he claims that he's never had problems like this before. The car has done 110k and never had a cambelt change (yeah yeah I know!) so the bolt has never been taken out since it was new. The guy seems quite reasonable but I want to be ready in case the final bill is much higher than agreed, if it is I will refuse to pay it but if he has the car/keys can he refuse to return the car back if I don't pay? Thanks
  7. The girlfriend's car broke down so we took it to a local garage we have used in the past. The guy who owns it seems to be a decent chap and gave us a price on changing the cambelt and oil filter/oil change which we agreed to. We dropped it off on the Thursday and he told us it would be done by Friday lunchtime. Friday lunchtime came and went so we popped in to find out what was going on the (girlfriend needs the car for work which we explained at the time of agreeing to the work). The garage owner explained he was having big problems removing the crank bolt, he's tried everything but now the end of the bolt had rounded off so he couldn't get a grip on it. He told us the car would be ready on Saturday and he would ring us, needless to say he didn't call and when we rang him he didn't answer, we rang again from the girlfriends phone and he did answer saying he was still unable to remove the bolt but would get it done Monday. My question is if it turns out he cannot get the car fixed am I still liable to pay for his time? The car is only worth £600 and the only work I agreed to came to about £270 plusa bit extra due to the time he'd spent with the bolt which I have no problem with as long as he finishes the job. Thanks
  8. Thanks, will give it a go. And yes it's mcafee:oops:
  9. Did a quick check before and it's having problems when connected by ethernet as well. It's weird in that it does initially connect and opens up my home page but then won't open anything else after that?? Thanks
  10. Hi all, I bought a new laptop for the missus 28 days ago and it looks like it's developed a fault (problems with internet connections). On their receipt it says they will replace if faulty in the first 21 days, does this mean I now will have to put it in for a repair as it's past the 21 day period or would I be right to demand a replacement? Thanks
  11. I think this is their reasoning with the sleepover that as both are staying in the same property while away that we could take turns being on sleepover each night. As for going out this would be unlikely as I'd be required to be up and ready the next morning and in a fit state to work and it's not as if I can go home and then pop back in the morning. The issue with the pay came about when because the service users used to get their staffing hours covered by the Independent Living Fund who used to pay the 14hours, this has now been withdrawn. It actuallly gets worse, they have lately decided that when you do a sleepover (at the home) which finished at 11pm, you now finish at 10pm and "owe" them an hour back in lieu as they still pay you untill 11pm, this in effect means you do exactly the same duties you did anyway (but quicker to get them finished) but now the sleepover itself is 9hrs long instead of 8hrs but you still only get paid the £30 for it and are still in work for exactly the same ammount of time each week as before (start and finish the same time). I work around 7sleepovers each month and so far "owe" back 10hours which I've got an awful feeling will come out of the pay for this holiday. Thanks
  12. HI, I'm a support worker and part of my job description states that I support the people I work with (who have learning disabilities)when they go on holiday. I'm due to go on holiday for 5days which will entail my waking at 8am and supporting this person until they go to bed at 10pm which to me is 14hrs, the company I work for are saying that they only pay 12hrs a day for the hols despite the fact that this person will require continious support from myself for his waking hours. The other issue I have is the fact that when I work at this person's home I am paid £30 per night that I sleepover, but on the holiday another person with a disability and another member of staff are also going so they are splitting the sleepover pay between us so we only get 2.5 x £30 each despite being away from home. Anyone know if this is lawful? Thanks
  13. Hi, Does anyone here have a pair of half rimmed glasses from Specsavers? I've just bought a pair of rimless and got a pair of half rimmed as a free second pair, when I put them on I noticed the edges haven't been polished and this makes them appear white around the edge and really detracts from their appearance. I would have thought polishing the edges would be standard on half rimmed the same as on rimless due to the edge being exposed, I wasn't given it as an extra option when I ordered and the display pair I tried on appeared to have polished edges. Thanks
  14. Hi, I'm a care worker myself and just had an updated CRB through, I had a caution 10 years ago this March and it still shows up along with conviction for breaking a window from 1991. As far as I'm aware with enhanced CRB checks they will show everything. As a matter of interest when I excepted the caution I was assured it would not show up on any future checks by both the police and the duty solicitor and advised that if I chose to go to court to fight it I would lose and definately end up with a criminal record.
  15. If I knew this was all he was going to do I would have done it myself, best thing is my connection has gone again yesterday! So please could anyone enlighten me as to what the hell am I paying for exactly? For a Talk Talk engineer to come to my house and attempt to fix a problem with the service that I pay them to provide?! And they haven't got back to me within the 48hrs they promised either.
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