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  1. Honestly doesn't matter, the airline will ignore and delay until you send them a letter before action giving them 40days to respond.
  2. Unless ha has a DD set up at the start of the contract for the minimum monthly amount
  3. You must submit your claim within 3 months from the date of dismissal to a tribunal so as you say they were sacked in October I would see a solicitor now. Most solicitors offer the first 30min consultation free so you have nothing to lose. It's good your partner has another job but personally I would not let their previous employer slander me and certainly I would not stand them bringing a third party in to collect an in proven debt causing me and my family additional Stress.
  4. I would go see a solicitor immediately, surely you partner would have been given in writing his reason for being sacked. this is theft and no clear evidence is provided in support then your partner may have grounds for wrongful dismissal. In addition to this by then reporting this alleged fact to a third party it could be viewed that your partner may have suffered injury to his reputation and slandered. As I said deffo go see a solicitor for full review.
  5. Simple answer, any item that is "double insulated" does NOT require a pat test. Look for the "square within a square" symbol on the charger. As an alternative it does require a physical inspection every 12 months. Go onto the HSE website, all the refs are there for free.
  6. Lodge your complaint with Ofcom now as I believe you can be released from your contract. The other option is to see if the operator does a phemtocell linked to your broadband.
  7. That's good Mariner, now look up the phrase "fair comment". To explain, in my experience and with the facts known to me I am more than in my rights to explain my opinion without it being libellous, in addition to this my opinion was about a process and not any one individual or any single organisation.
  8. Mariner 51, I suggest you look up the definition of libel and actionable before posting ridiculous statements.
  9. Apart from small claims court nothing. Part of the TDS process is that you accept their ruling as final. My personal exp was that we requested that we re paint to which the LL said yes, we then went another 2years with the new colours through inspection after inspection with it being written down on reportwithno issue raised to at the end of the tenancy to be charged for the house to be re painted at the cost of 100% of deposit as the tenancy hadn't been amended to show new colours despite having LL agreement. Complete con is the TDS system
  10. It's a buildings maintenance issue and unless you agreed under your tenancy to accept buildings liability then it's LL no argument
  11. I have heard there is a legal get out from the TV lick as long as you don't watch live TV at the time of broadcast and I believe it is up to the tvla to prove you have watched live TV ? Simply sat outside scanning the airways isn't enough as that isn't proof signal was received and viewed ? Not an expert though.
  12. I had a letter which mentioned a figure of £85 being ruled as acceptable and not a punishment even though it's not a genuine pre estimate of loss. I laughed a lot as I emailed my reply that seeing as my original letter claimed £100 and as such a fine
  13. Sry but non payment of rent or carrying out illegal activity are two starters for eviction. The process takes a min of 2months so that's the max time you have to catch up. Unless you can be viewed as a vulnerable person then it's process. Check if you ast document has the contact details of your LL and contact directly. I assume the agents will be acting my under the remit of managing agents and it's possible the LL may not be aware of the situation.
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