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  1. MayRich...I am having some issues with HSBC (see http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/193587-saga-hsbc-me-help.html) and particually my last post about them offering me the managed loan. In essence, in their letter, which I presume is the case for you too, they offered a 1.50% rate but in the VERY LONG small print on the actual agreement, the rate is actually 7.80%. Have a look... Oh, and they offered me £1530 where as my O/D is £1430 so make sure they have not hoodwinked you with a bigger sum...and when I pay it off in 2016 (!) I will have repaid nearly £2000. Note they say
  2. Hi y'all... Another update... Recived a letter dated the 27th April offering a managed loan with reduced payments of £20pm instead of £24 odd - even though they told me it would be £35 odd. Funny they say in the letter that it will be a 1.50% interest rate, then in the agreement put 7.80%! Never the less, it is being payed off next Saturday so they can shove thier managed loan where they belong. Also was for £1530 but my balance is £1437?! I don't know...but they said that they would not contact me until the 11th when the 28 days was up, and I told the man on the phone it would
  3. Just a little update... have sent issue to Financial Ombudsman about the taking of benefits, and have put in complaint letters too to show them what asses they have been but am complaining about their over all conduct too. Thanks to all who have helped so far , esp. JohnnyMitch!
  4. Hi confused009 Have a look at my thread, I graduated last year and this is the grief I am in with HSBC now. My advice is to quit with HSBC - they seem very lovely at first and then turn nasty when things don't go their way. If your in London, I highly recommend speaking to staff at the Piccadilly branch, or (my branch) Covent Garden. Wonderful people. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/193587-saga-hsbc-me-help.html
  5. Thats interesting as everyone from the benefits agency, to the lady at the banking code who spoke to a lady from the DWP, citizens advice and legal aid have said they are wrong to do so. Benefits agency are getting back to me about it all...as are legal aid. I did speak to someone at HSBC who told me that they will not budge because the act refers to charges on mortgages and loans secured against property ie. a propriety right. IDK...its all very confusing and feel very angry that i am getting a number of different responses. However, the FOS is sending me a complaint form.
  6. Oh, and JohnnyMitch...please feel free to use what ever you like!
  7. Hi all, I JUST got a letter back from HSBC regarding charges from benefit - Thank you for you letter...... I understand your frustration with regard to the charges applied to your account and have fully investigated your claim that we are in contravention of the SSA 1992. It is your belief that the levying of bank fee's amounts to an unlawful 'charger' on the benefits you receive from the state. Thier (the HSBC Legal Team) considered view is that your argument is wrong as a matter of of construction of the act. They state - 'you have confused charges in the sense of
  8. OK, thanks Johnny...I'm just getting me really annoyed atm as am not well... Lets just wait and see... Oh, did u see the letter I sent that you were looking forward too?!
  9. Sorry YourBank, but I don't have a clue what that all means - could you make that more simple!
  10. Hi ya'll... As to the phone call on Monday I made to follow up refunding charges used from benefit - only a letter came today acknowledging complaint not the one to sign as promised. Phoned them up...and the lady said that it was refereed to the legal team and blabbed on that if it was the case, anyone on benefits could go overdrawn and not be charged. Then she said that the letter I got was the final response and if I didn't like it, speak to the FOS. Spoke to them, they said the letter I got was NOT the final response (I knew this, but I'm so fed up now that I'm playing havo
  11. Well, well, well...Just got of the phone to a lovely man from HSBC complaints department to discus the below letter (yes, the amazing essay) in black the original in red, his response in brief. Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to make a formal complaint against HSBC, regarding it’s handling of my account issues and subsequent services. I first received a letter from Emma Boardman in November 2008 regarding the dormancy of account XXXXXX-XXXXXXXX to which I replied promptly outlining my circumstances and offered a repayment amount. With no reply from her, I received three other cor
  12. Hey y'all... Just a little update - HSBC called today AGAIN to ask if I am aware of the account balance on the graduate account (of course, I am dumb ****) and said that the £20 pm is not an agreeable amount so have to call some budgetplan people or someone. Idk... FOLLOW UP ON TAKING BENEFITS - called the complaints dept. just now, they said that they have sent a letter this morning (the day I put everything should be paid back) and the lady said whilst she can not see exactly what is on the letter, I have to sign it and return so they can go forward. ANY IDEAS WTF this is abo
  13. Thanks Emmaf01, I went through all my statements online for the account that my benefits go into. They did refund £93 that they took on Maundy Thursday, but I want my others back now! I believe that since I am not disputing the legality of the charges, only the fact they used my benefits against them, that they need to refund it now. However, I did go through my graduate account and look for charges, but they have all been refunded last year by two different bank managers - one was just amazing in Durham to help reduce the amount closer to £1500. The others were by my branch manag
  14. Quite - Once I get replies etc I will post the 1) AMAZING letter of complaint and 2) the one to get my benefit back. I do not want to do it now just incase some arse from HSBC reads this. I filled out the Statment of Means form this evening and posted it off. Just to give you a little titter, in the 'Does anyone owe you any money' I put YES - HSBC - YOU TOOK MY BENEFIT MONEY TO USE AS CHARGES - ABOUT £365 (ISH). I do hope they like that one! Moreover, I did get a call asking if I was aware my account is now £1400 overdrawn - they took away my overdraft facility. :: Thinking o
  15. Thanks guys! I handed the letter into my local branch this morning, the lady look overwhelmed with its content, and she is sending it off - got a receipt though. Also posted a MASSIVE letter of complaint to HSBC regarding this whole saga. It is worthy of at least a 2:1 from Oxford, it's cracking! Basically said they have failed in customer care, broken guidelines over their final demand letter and the woman who told me the SSA 1992 was not true is guilty of fraud. So0o just waiting on replies and such... Will let y'all know the outcome!
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