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  1. Thanks everyone for you advice on this matter. I have no qualms over the film as this would prove that my ticket was displayed I only wish I had thought to take a photo myself I will let you all know what happens, should anything else happen that is Again you have put my mind at rest thank you all for that Lol about the title, no you are right there is no fair parking notice... Parking should be free like it was !! After all this and many other car parks were already in place and working for free... Anyway Thanks again everyone Ruby
  2. Hi Everyone I have just received my final warning from Michael Sobell/Graham White. It seems to be that same as most others that I have read out on the internet after searching for this solicitor, except that it states that I should seek independent legal advice :-0 And "Please be assured this matter will not go away without solution or resolution." And "If you do not wish to incur the consequences of Court Action, you must pay the amount claimed immediately." I re-read my initial PCN earlier and noticed that the box entitled "filmed" was ticked Although on re-enteri
  3. Ok cool thanks guys I will just ignore this one as I have done the others Thanks for all your good advice Ruby
  4. Hey Guys, Been a while, I stopped responding to Excel parking in April and yesterday I received a letter from Roxburghe Debt Collectors saying basically pay by any one of the mediums and " Please note that in the absence of payment or any valid dispute we will pursue this matter with or without your cooperation. If we do not hear from you within 7 days we will pass the matter to our solicitors, Graham White, who will review your case for potential legal action." I went to the website for Roxburghe and put in my details to find that there was no more information and no photo, which I kn
  5. Thanks again guys These demand letters look so frightening :-S I have kept all communications so have a good start towards my defence should they actually follow through I believe that this will be chucked out as soon as it lands on their solicitors desk, if it will even go that far Thanks for easing my mind and for the offer of help I will let you know if I hear any more. Thanks again Joolz
  6. Hey guys just thought I would pop in and give you an update on this excel parking unfair ticket issue. I am now the owner of two demand notices, the second arrived this morning and assures me that it is the final demand and if I do not pay the fine this time that this issue will go to court. :-S FAILURE TO PAY WILL RESULT IN COURT ACTION. Looks like I will be going to court on this issue. Hopefully I should get some justice from there but who knows in this mad world Anyway that is where I am up to on this.
  7. Hi, I too have been subject to the incorrect address issue with DVLA and am in mail communication with them at present. The main difference here is that I received the V5 and having 2 cars registered with DVLA also thought the V5 that made it to my address must be correct. Erm now I have a £100 fine as DVLA did not send me a reminder for my motorcycle's tax. When I checked the fine letter, which made it to my address, thanks postie, I noticed that the address was 27 and not 26 no wonder I never got a reminder, again my house is not opposite 27 and I doubt if number 27 even know I exist .
  8. Thanks again And yes I will let you know what else happens:) Up to now nothing has moved yet... Joolz
  9. Thanks again people it's all good sound advice I don't think I will be bothering with another letter I have logged the complaint with the BPA anyway as was mentioned if people don't bother then nothing will change I will also pass on to them a further email including the latest letter might as well keep them informed Thanks also for the links I will check 'em out now ... just wanted to say thanks and that I appreciate everyone's help with this
  10. Thanks everyone for you lovely suggestions I particularly like the Martian Gettleflapper pass I wonder where I can get one :-S I was hoping that you would all confirm that this was a [problem] and that they had no legal leg to stand on Which you have thanks :) I think I will just send them one more letter Somit along the lines of: "Thank you for you communication I have passed this on the the BPA as I have done with the rest and I am sure that they are enjoying your story telling as much as I am, all communication has now been filed under fiction - for the Alice in wonde
  11. Hi I wonder if anyone can give me advice on this one. I parked in Cholton Manchester I believe it to be private parking as it appears to be governed by Excel parking. I bought a ticket for £1 and put my reg number into the machine. When I came back to my car I found I had a parking notice attached to my side window. I immediately checked my front screen for my ticket which was still attached inside. I opened the notice to find that it had been put on my car half an hour before my ticket expired. I removed the ticket from the inside right hand top of my windscreen and went to consu
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