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  1. over the past few weeks i've been playing with brighthouse just to see how far i can push it the reason for this, is my mum & i both have brighthouse accounts if my mum misses a payment then she get phone calls text messages at least 10 times a day always threating to take the item back or send her to court SO i took over mums payments & didnt pay mums or mine for about 4/5 weeks mum got nasty texts message & phone calls fellas turning up on her door step, she was told her court paper were in the post where as i had a few phone calls & they were al
  2. thanks for that anyway. it was worth a try :-| its still wrong how they treat prople & if i can help in any way to put a stop it it then am here and also if i'd known that i would lose all that money then i would've sent to acer & paid for them to fit a new screen, coz it very almost paid for
  3. quote Ok Sounds to me like you have been conned by BH good and proper. This needs really clarifying though, to make sure we get them by the short and curlies!! Did you have OSC (Optional Service Cover)? It's incidental really, because the Supply of Goods (Implied Terms) Act would be more than sufficient to make sure that your faulty laptop was either repaired, replaced or refunded. The only exception is if the damage was caused accidentally, or through natural wear and tear. If it was dealt with via this method, then BH would have to pick up the tab, and redress it to th
  4. thank you you've been great i'll a letter now & get in the post asap
  5. i did sign a new aggreement for the new one laptop i payed £71.96 on the laptop while the insurance claim was sorted out coz i was told if i missed a payment the claim would be void & you can only make one claim per item only to be told i'd lost any money i'd payed on it when i payed the excess so if i didnt get a new laptop i would've still lost the money
  6. hi there thanks for the advice have i got any rights regarding the money i've lost due the insurance claim because its a lot of money to lose i could have bought two laptops with the money i lost
  7. i feel for you i really do, Surely they cant treat people like this, are they trainned to be nasty, when i got my laptop i'm sure they said if you take something back coz you cant afford it you get the money back that you've paid... but i think they make the rules up as they go along am sure someone will be along that can help you, i would go to CAB & talk to them stand your ground & don't let them get your down :)
  8. I bought a laptop from BH last june payed £17.99 over 38 weeks (£683.62), the laptop broke so i took it in BH & was told they'd put it through on the insurance and i'd have to pay £100 excess i was also told that if i missed a payment untill the claim was sorted i'd the claim would be void so it was three weeks before i could afford the £100 excess i went in to BH payed the excess & picked my new laptop when i got home i rung BH and asked how much i now owed on the laptop to which i was told £500 & odd i then said i've payed £683.62 on this laptop to which i was told the m
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